Two new NCAA Football 09 screenshots

EA Sports has released two new screenshots from NCAA Football 09 showing off the improvements in player models along with some details from the game's Art Director.

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BigKev453953d ago

I'll pass on this & just wait for Madden 09 this year.

crazy250003953d ago

backbreakers has lot of boycotting madden and ncaa...theyre both horrible!

khellendros13953d ago

This is great and all, but fix the [email protected] gameplay.

Luca Blight3953d ago

I will have to bubble you up for that extremely telling comment.

Btw, Oregon has cool uniforms.

Breakfast3953d ago

It looks like they got there anti-aliasing set at negative 4x


like anybody gives a hoot , but seriously i am done with EA.....after the madden debacle that was many games out there to support EA who lost touch with the real madden players from years ago...this is coming from someone whos purchased every single copy and when to multiple madden challenges long ago. I stop after 2005 the one with ray lewis on the cover....EA should just go make a go fly a kite game...

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