Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut on Wii U gets Gamepad Integration Video

Want to see how you’ll be controlling Adam Jensen using the Wii U Gamepad in Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut? Check out the following video from The Gadget Show Live 2013.

The Director’s Cut includes reworked boss battles, a full game guide, off TV-Play, all the DLC included, and enhanced visuals. Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut will be out sometime this year.

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wishingW3L2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I wish there was a PS3 version of this with the new Boss battles.

Starbucks_Fan2162d ago

HA if they decided to not make this exclusive we'd see a massive s***storm

RTheRebel2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

One of my highest rated game this gen, will rebuy again cause I love this game

XishikiX2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Revolver with explosive rounds is not new, and was one of the best guns in the original game. :P The radar not on the main screen is cool.

Dr Pepper2162d ago

I really am not understanding this gamepad thing. The radar being removed from the screen clears up on little tiny corner and makes it more annoying to look at, with you either playing with your arms raised up or constantly looking down at your lap.

This doesn't look like an improvement, it looks like a barrier. It might make sense, maybe in some way that hasn't been shown yet, if it was going for realism. But he has robotic eyes in the game, where he can see HUD information. It would make sense for the player to see the radar on the main screen through his eyes. It looks like they went through the game and thought "well, we have to do SOMETHING with the controller".

SovereignSnaKe2162d ago

~My GOTY 2011, and YES, will buy again! :D

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