Sony warns against grey importing

Sony has warned that it will take legal action against anyone engaging in grey importing of its products after scoring a High Court victory over online retailer Lik-Sang.

In his ruling yesterday, Judge Michael Fysh found that Lik-Sang - which offered Japanese PSPs to European consumers via its website - was in breach of intellectual property rights.

Lik-Sang had claimed that it was operating within the law as the company is based in Hong Kong, and has no trading presence in the UK or European Economic Area.

But, as reported by the Financial Times, Judge Fysh ruled that, "The acts of which the complaint is made have, in my view, been perpetrated not in Hong Kong but here in the EEA, and without Sony's consent."

Sony declined to comment directly on the case. However, a spokesperson did tell "The law is clear; grey importing PS2, PSP or PS3 into the EU, without the express permission of SCE is illegal. Therefore, we will utilise the full scope of the law to put a stop to any retailers who chose to do this."

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PS360WII5891d ago

Sony finally wins a lawsuit and I'm sure people are going to be mad that this is the one they win...

PS360PCROCKS5891d ago

What the hell? They sued a website for selling videogames to other countries? I don't get this at ALL

Raist5891d ago

Meh, that's lame.

I hope it won't be the same for games, because i don't see the point of making the PS3 region free then =/

OC_MurphysLaw5891d ago

Sony didn't make the PS3 region free for gamers. They made it region free for developers and its another argument for use of their blu-ray disc capacity. All games on one disc regardless of region means they can "stamp" out disc's faster as they won't need to change out the software being put on disc, etc.

That said, with the prices varying in each country and exchange rates being better for some than others Sony would "lose" money as would developers if they let people mass import games from other regions that give them a favorable exchange rate.

12Volt5891d ago

Good Analysis...

@kewlkat, Sony didnt invent the law, try buying a dell and "give" it to somebody in lets say.. argentina. Not possible. It's still considered exports.. for example, if you walked into america with an apple in your hand that came from a different country, you'd get a penalty for it.. the laws is there to protect the developers no matter how "free" it cost you.

kewlkat0075891d ago

If I was to own a PS3 for the first 2 months and for some reason I did not like it. Why couldn't I sell it to somebody over seas that's willing to pay the price to get it from me? Would that be illegal to sell what I do not want?

Anyhow it sounds dumb...wether they are not sony is being profitable, as a comsumer I'm out looking for the best bang for my bucks even if it means importing.

No wonder sony has screwed the rest of the world over when they slashed thier prices in thier own backyard.

PS360WII5891d ago

You are just going to have to sell it to someone a little closer. You'll still get good money for it though.

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