PSU Review: Patapon review

PSU writes:

"Do you sometimes look at people playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band and just laugh at how ridiculous they look? You're about to join their exclusive club with the head-bobbing, foot-tapping, rhythmic hand motioning game, Patapon. Looking back to 1997 with the release of Parappa the Rapper from Sony, who would have thought that 11 years later, the rhythmic crazed genre would still be alive and booming like it is? With Sony's latest offering into the genre, Patapon may very well be the greatest thing to hit the PlayStation Portable since Lumines."

"Despite the couple of flaws the game has, nothing can truly take away from the complete enjoyment that the game will bring its user. Patapon is a refreshing feel in a world of games that seems to slowly be slanting towards the FPS/TPS genre. With a ton of PlayStation Portable games available, yet so few must-own titles, Patapon has easily sneaked its way into that category."

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