59 levels to play before you die

Gamesradar writes:

"Face it. No matter how dedicated and/or certifiably mental you are there is absolutely no way you can play all the games that Mother Software produces from her cavernous womb. You're never going to sample every level that gaming has to offer. And that's a real bummer, because there are plenty that absolutely must be played. Like the 59 levels we heartily recommend right here, in fact, that we feel every gamer should experience before they expire.

Understand that this isn't simply a list of gaming's best levels - sure some are works of inimitable design genius, but some, well, just demand attention for other reasons. And to illustrate the merits of each entry, there's a movie to compliment the words.

From the outstanding to the outlandish, the exceptional to the emotional, hit the links below to see which 59 levels you really should play before you die. And if anyone's already played them all, well, you can die with a sense of fulfilment."

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MK_Red4496d ago

Psychonaut's Milkman level is the best of all though ever level in Psychonauts is better than whole level set of every other game.

Timesplitter144496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

Great list

But I would add :
Okami - When you get Kushi to Orochi's cave
Okami - The Ark of Yamato + Final boss
MGS3 - The End
MGS3 - The Boss
MGS1 - Psycho Mantis
MGS1 - The death of Gray Fox
MGS2 - When you get the HF Blade with Raiden (and the strange colonel)
After thinking about it, almost every MGS boss fights... and other scenes as well.
Counter-Strike - de_dust
Silent Hill 3 - The mirror room (very creepy)
Silent Hill 3 - When the mannequin's head mysteriously gets chopped off in a small dark room
Scorched Earth - a random stage
Duke Nukem - First stage
Crysis - Prophet's return
Crysis - Final Stage

Einhander - Stage 3
Super Stardust HD - Stage 4 (I know it sounds kinda generic, but it's truly awesome!)
Total Anihilation - A random skirmish

Timesplitter144496d ago

Gray Fox's death being my personal favorite scene in any game, movie, play or novel EVER

ElfShotTheFood4496d ago

Shalebridge Cradle from Thief: Deadly Shadows was awesome.

staub914496d ago

My favorite level of all time has to be Paris from Twisted Metal 2....I played that level more than any level from any one game ever.

XxRoosterxX4496d ago

I can't tell you how many times I watch the eiffel tower fall.

I also like to burn down all of the paintings in that one building

But the best level in that game was the new york level. I remember if you shoot the statue of liberty a bunch of times it would turn into a fat chick, then a model in a bikini, then it would finally blow up.

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