1UP: More Evidence That A FFVII Remake is en Route to The PS3

If you haven't read 1UP's Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core interview yet, you should. A very interesting response came to one of 1UP's questions, which alludes to a possible remake of Final Fantasy VII, since no other games have been announced, even though all of the original 'Compilation of Final Fantasy VII' titles announced years back (Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children, Before Crisis) have now come out. The quote in question goes as follows.

1UP: Does Crisis Core mark the finale for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series?

Hajime Tabata: No, it does not. The Compilation's finale will take some other form.

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decapitator3866d ago

I'd grab this in a heart beat. S-E I await your official word.

Harry1903866d ago

let's just pray the gaming god that this happens.

sonarus3866d ago

i think the remake is inevitable at this point. Don't think a remake has been as requested ever. Sony would be more than happy to put money into it if it means increased sales for them so i am sure square enix is more than considering

Marcello3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

If you watch the ending to Crisis Core either its a prelude to wats coming or Square are tormeting us

Note this is not the Tech Demo shown at E3 a few years back, its almost the same but is longer cos it shows Cloud riding the train and saying to himself "I'm Cloud. SOLDIER, First Class" then it says "To be continued in Final Fantasy VII". But if it is coming it will be at least 2-3 years before we see it, Square always leave space between releases and as you all know Final Fantasy XIII is due later this year or early next year hopefully.

yesah3866d ago

wewt, cant wait for an official word....or a trailer. XD

MADGameR3866d ago

Then Final Fantasy VII for PS3 will be NO ordinary killer app. It will be a DOUBLE killer app!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3866d ago


They were being literal. Crisis Core was the prelude to FF7. In other words thats how the storyline goes. But yeah nonetheless, I also believe that a ff7 remake will be made.

Marcello3866d ago


i know wat you mean that it could mean now go play FFVII on PS1 to continue story but if you dont have a copy then expect to pay 100s of bucks for a new one, Square would never endorse that, but to be more precise at the end it says TO BE continued, to me TO BE means something thats gonna happen in the future so we will see.

jadenkorri3866d ago

as much as i would like to see this game remade for the ps3...i so would pick up and play anyways...but i think they shouldn't ruin one of the most popular Final Fantasy Games by remaking thing we know Final Fantasy 1 will be remade for ps3 and so forth...

DrPirate3865d ago

I'll lend my chant to the fray over here.

I too cannot wait for this too happen. It would be momentous.

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Panthers3866d ago

lol I think that bought 3 or more copies of FFVII originally. I kept selling them then I would want them again.

DRUDOG3866d ago

I'm still kicking myself for ebay'ing my copy so many years ago. Especially since my 60gb PS3 still plays those PS1 games!

eagle213866d ago

of the "Super Ultra Deluxe Infinity-Limited Potion Juice Treasure Box Japan Edition"

pwnsause3866d ago

if this game comes out, and comes out right, its instant death for everyone.

RecSpec3866d ago

Exactly, if it "comes out right" then we'll be fine, odds of that are slim to none

DwightOwen3866d ago

I don't wanna die...

But I DO want a FFVII remake...

Man, now I know how heroin addicts feel...

meepmoopmeep3866d ago

it's inevitable. Square knows how much $ they would rake in just from old fans.. then you add in the new fans. it'll be crazy.

but if XIII and VII released the same day.. i'd get...

decapitator3866d ago

hmm, you make an interesting point. You know what will be really cool ? If S-E added FVII remake on the FXII:Versus disc as a single player game since versus is mostly a multiplayer game from what I have heard.

heyheyhey3866d ago



it's all about revenue and this would be a bad business decision

but who cares? buying them seperatley is good enough for me

decapitator3866d ago

Yeah man you right. Is S-E, they'd rather release that on a separate disc just to rake in more Moniessssssssssss. But, I'd buy it still.

Panthers3866d ago

Versus is Multiplayer????? I never heard about that. That is cool as hell.

pwnsause3866d ago

well that would kill the orange box as the most bang for your buck box ever.

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