NUTS GTA 4 preview

* Taking Control of Eastern European bruiser Niko is like being immersed in a personal action movie, with movie-quailty explosions and cut-scenes.

* The game features 18 radio stations, playing everything from old-school '80s hits to moden R'n'B numbers.

*To fully appreciate the cty, take a ride in a cab and switch to "Movie" mode-prepare to be gobsmacked as the camera angle changed to reveal the massive scale of the game!

* The game is full of Brillian details for example, drive over a fire hydrant in a two-seater sports car, and the water pressure hurls you into the sky!

* Side games lift GTA IV even further above the competition. We found a "Rats with wings" game, in which you have to wipe out Liberty City's pigeon population. It's a crimson explosion of feathers and blood!

* We kept getting calls from a girl called Michelle who was keen to "hook up". Unfortunately, the R* Rep denied us, saying the level wasnt ready yet.

* In drive-by shooting mode, you get to blast baddies from all angels. In some missions you can even drop grenades behind you.

*When Niko cops it, the Scorsese style direction kicks in. Colour changes to black and white and Niko sinks to his knees in slow-motion as the screen fades to black.

*With over 50 hours of gameplay promised, plus 18-player online battles, we recommed clearing your diary for the week after the games 29 april release date.

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bloop3862d ago

Man I can't wait for this game. The single player is more than enough for me, but with 18 player online too?? That's my life completely out the window.