Easteregg found when OPM played GTA IV

The Crew of OPM benelux had a chance to play with GTA IV when there gameplay hour was almost over they shoot at a pigeon. When the bullet hit the pigeon its exploded and there came on the screen "1 of 100 flying rats" when they hand over the controller to the Rockstar guy he said ''Euhm, you weren't suposed to discover that easter egg''

The letter wrote : "Hi

I don't know this but I'm guessing you are from America,which leads me to believe that you pay little attention to British publications that are not game related.Anyway I was readings a lad magazine that is native to Britain called 'Zoo' and they had recently had a hands on with GTA IV.It wasn't a major write up because it was only a small snippet of the magazine's content but what it did say was that the side games are incredible and referred to one that it called 'rats with wings'. They claim in it the user had to wipe out liberty city's pigeon population.I have never heard of this before and was wondering if you had.if this is correct,and i see no reason why it wouldn't be, this leads me to believe that there is going to be no end of side games which is very exciting."

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BeaArthur4840d ago

Not that I won't try to kill every pigeon but that sounds like a pain in the ass side mission.

Exhaust4840d ago (Edited 4840d ago )

Atleast there is shooting involved instead of just searching places for floating icon packages.

Besides I'm sure this is only one of many, many "collectable" type side missions. On top of the story and free roaming chaos these mini game type activities add tons of replay value.

Can NOT wait for this game!

BeaArthur4840d ago

Like I said I would still do it, but what if the pigeons are all over the place and they randomly change locations like a real pigeon would. Do you know how annoyed you would be when you got to like 87 pigeons? I'm sure it's one of many as well but that could get very frustrating depending on how it's designed.

Lord Vader4840d ago

Well, Bea, as long as there isn't a pigeon achievement, you dont have to worry about it !

LOL !!!

BeaArthur4840d ago

haha, very true, but I do like to complete as much of games as I can. There might be a complete all side missions achievement though. Don't think I won't be taking an assault rifle to every bird I see though.

yesah4840d ago

kill every pigeon? id rather keep them flying around the city...nice to see, add realism.

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DarkSniper4840d ago

Mike Tyson would be extremely upset if he found this was in the game.


vloeistof4840d ago

well that sounds like fun

Hellsvacancy4840d ago

Would be better if it was spot and shoot the islamic extremests...

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