What Should Next Gen Xbox Reveal Do To Attract Core Gamers?

SegmentNext - "Let’s take a look into what hardcore gamers want from Microsoft ’s next venture into the console market".

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ThatCanadianGuy5142164d ago


inb4 greenpowerz propaganda.

Yi-Long2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

- First of all games.
- No Windows 8 crap.
- Games
- Less focus on Kinect.
- Free Online MP.
- Games.
- Backwards Compatibility.
- No Always Online DRM Demands.
- No Dashboard Ads. And let people choose what they want on their dashboard.
- Games.

Gamers want a console to play GAMES. Everything else is SECONDARY!

LogicStomper2164d ago

I imagined your display picture saying that in a silly tone.

Godmars2902164d ago

Besides putting out Halo or Gears of COD?

MS issue with the hardcore hasn't been attracting them, its been keeping their interest past anything that isn't a shooter.

greenpowerz2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

-Crazy new online social features.

-Multi Tasking(ingame internet access and streaming xbox music service ingame etc)

-Deeper Achievement system

-Customizable Dashboard with darker or more mature themes and or skins

-Kinect/Skype Online features(live camera feed in party/clan

-A few games showing off the hardware like (COD, Forza/Project Gotham Racing, Fifa Soccer, Battelfield 4 and a hint at an exclusive new IP or two, to be hyped until the E3

-WatchDogs with exclusive Kinect 2.0 functionality

-Backwards compatibility

-Full Kinect 2.0 control of all aspects of the 720 console

-New D pad on mostly the same 360 controller

-HDMI in on 720 for social party TV/Movie watching with video upscaling/upConversion

-Hardware specs

Audiophile and Videophile sound and video

All the things I mentioned are basically layered so it is possible(show a game with operating system features like streaming music from the Xbox music service playlist ingame)

Inb4 dayz trolling, whoops too late!

And @ZOD just games? LMAO The xbox brand became a force on more than Games games games. Troll talk. The event is to show off the console. MSFT has said they are saving the "tonnes of exclusives" for E3

InMyOpinion2164d ago

Alot of great features you listed. If we get half of those my interest is peaked for sure.

Why are you getting disagrees? It's not like you're trolling or anything.

BigBoss19642164d ago

Games that is all *cough* Alan Wake 2 *cough*

GreenRanger2164d ago

Keep Kinect optional so the people who want it can get it and the people who don't want it can just ignore it.

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The story is too old to be commented.