First Screenshots of Sky Crawlers for Wii

Here are the first screenshots of the exclusive game from the Ace Combat developers for the Wii.

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Intrepid3865d ago

Uhh.. a 3rd party Wii game with good graphics??


Chubear3865d ago

just what I thought as well XD

It's kinda good to see something other than shovelware for 3rd party ninty games and it actualy looks decent.

cooke153865d ago

There are a few Wii 3rd party games with good graphics but not in a photoerealistic sense.. Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes (in some occasions) MOH2

games4fun3865d ago

@intrepid i know what you mean i laughed when it said screenshots because i was expecting a horrible looking pos

these are really good i'm impressed with this team if i owned a wii id buy that

LinuxGuru3865d ago

Ace Combat developers = Gran Turismo developers of combat flight sims.

cooke153865d ago

Looks like it could be good :)

Snipes203865d ago

If it is, the game has a good start. If it is real time then this game looks good. I'm surprised a third party developer is taking the time to make good graphics on the Wii...