Analysis of the PlayStation 4 console based on Sony’s E3 teaser trailer

With less than a month to Sony’s big E3 press conference on June 10th (6:00pm Pacific Time) we get to see a glimpse of the mysterious console. Here's what we think all the sleek details of the console actually are.

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Makasu3122d ago

A rounded console... Orbis... I'm not sure about this.

OC_MurphysLaw3122d ago

Yeah agreed, no clue how the author thinks this will be rounded when every edge we see in that is straight line and gives ZERO hint at an "Orbis" shape. (not even sure what an "orbis" shape is...).

I think its pretty will be flat, sleek and designed to fit in a cabinet with other devices if needed.

Makasu3122d ago

7th image, what do you think that is if not part of the console? I'm not trying to be an ass here, just curious :)

steve30x3122d ago

@ Makasu : It looks like a fan grill of some sort but that doesnt mean the console will be round. It might look round because of the way the lighting is around it

OC_MurphysLaw3122d ago (Edited 3122d ago )

@Makasu, I take that as a straight up circular fan grill for the back of the console...similar to what my old cable box had on it. A fan sat right behind it for maximum effect. I am 100% sure this console is going to be a flat rectangular box that will fit into a cabinet with other components perfectly well. In fact if you look at all those vents they all seem to be positioned on the sides of the device...meaning this can be stacked and not cause heat to come down on another component as easily as the original PS3 did.

edit: last little clue I am seeing as to the final look. If you look at the Eye Camera you can see it has unique angles to its appearance. I would expect the PS4 to be having some similar angles and edges to it, that will create a bit of product uniformity out of the box.

Makasu3122d ago

In response to your second reply: Interesting! This may very well be, but when I look at that image it has a white background, the only way I see it, it must be the edge of the console, because we know it's not the DS4 or the PS4 camera. I'm thinking the front is flat and sleek but the two back corners are rounded like that, not sure why they would design it like that though.

If it is like you think maybe this thing is perturbing a bit out from the console?

ziggurcat3122d ago

@ makasu:

it's clearly a ventilation grill on the back of the unit.

the image you used for the article clearly indicates that the PS4 is looking pretty angular, not rounded.

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Donnieboi3122d ago

I kinda wis it was grey or silver--Sony has been teasing ps2 and PS3 at their first reveals in white, silver, and grey (remember the white PSX box?). Then they always just settle for black. I want silver or grey damnit lol. I want to be reminded of the first playstation--the one that started it all (it was grey too).

GABRIEL10303122d ago

An interesting design, looks like a PC, Ps4 has amazing and futuristic shapes. Maybe can be an upgradeable device, because has a Pc's architecture. :)

Makasu3122d ago

Hehe interesting, I don't think it will though, that would put it in the PC category which is something Sony absolutely wouldn't want.

GameCents3122d ago

Ps4 has AMAZING and FUTURISTIC shapes.
You are amazed right now? You sitting there at your desk stunned and thinking "oh wow! Oh my goodness, those shapes were AMAZINGLY from the future!!"

-___- honestly. Urg.

GABRIEL10303122d ago

LOl! For your stupid avatar .....You are a Nintendo troll!...What are you doing here?

hkgamer3122d ago

Looks like it is designed to have a wide front and having the disk insert in the side. basically imagine your phat PS3 facing the side so you would be staring at the logo instead of the USB ports and disk slot.

I get the feeling the PS4 maybe quite small, something similar to the size of a DC.

saggysack793122d ago

i think its going to look f##ked up,i cant wait, and what about the blue led running along the console that would be nice, would be cool if the blue light changed red as you take damage,all synced in with the DS4 NICE LOL

Quadrostacker3122d ago

I'm about ready to explode if I don't see some Playstation 4 soon. Damn you SONY!

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