PS3 faces tough competition, says Sony Ireland boss

Sony Computer Entertainment Ireland MD Niall O'Hanrahan has declared that the company faces tough competition in the next-gen console cycle - adding that there's no guarantee it will retain the position of market leader.

Speaking to the Irish Times, O'Hanrahan said: "We have a marketing challenge from now until launch. This is not a done deal. It will require a lot of effort from us."

"We would never say we cannot fail," he added.

And it's not just the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii Sony has to worry about, according to O'Hanrahan: "Competition is now not limited to direct competition. We compete with MP3 players. We noticed at E3 that games for PCs are back."

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COVER GIRL6559d ago

Sony would'nt be half bad if they had more people like this guy.

BLow6559d ago

Yeah it's real healthy in today's society to release a product your not confident about. It's sad but to be on top you have to cut some throats.

COVER GIRL6559d ago

Cut throat my not be in style this year (not ever again) the big (N) isn't cut throat.

96impala6559d ago

lol sony is on the ropes and its about time they acknowledge that.

Retard6558d ago

Being honest to himself, what was his point or statement about the actual product? I mean duh; every product has the chance to fail; like Windows to Linux.

right!!? :)

zypher6558d ago

anyway, its good to see that some of Sony's executives are realist, and that not all of them have their heads stuck in the clouds. Ken and Harrison could use a few pointers from this guy: maybe then, at the vere least, Sony wouldn't be facing some of the harsh criticism that they've been facing.

shotty6558d ago

I have a feeling Ken and Harrison are going to wind up being the head of a major fraud. Then there is going to be a major investigation and it will end up on the news.

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The Digital Dragons 2024 conference event was a huge success story

"Three days filled with specialist lectures delivered by almost 200 speakers, three thematic summits, and over 2600 guests from almost every corner of the world - the capital of Małopolska became the capital of the games industry for a few days.

Organized by the Krakow Technology Park, the Digital Dragons Conference once again showed that Poland is attracting more and more attention from the world's biggest industry tycoons for a reason." - Digital Dragons.


Atari has acquired the Intellivision brand, ending the first ever console war

Atari has acquired Intellivision. The company announced today that it had acquired its long-time rival, ending one of the original console rivalries, dating back to the 1970s.

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darthv727h ago

Wow.... two of my earliest gaming platforms. All they need is Coleco to round things out.

This is like Nintendo buying SEGA.

OtterX5h ago

YES! Colecovision was my start! I came to know Mario there in Donkey Kong before the NES was even a thing. :)

Golfcoachh2h ago

Yes such fond memories. My first was the odyssey, but I really started gaming on my colecovision. Had atari and intelivision but coleco was by far the best of the bunch to me.

Kratos_Kart20072h ago

Yes...a gamer from my era...LMAO

Coleco was good...LOL

anast7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

Good piece of history here.

edit: I wanted to read it but the cookies pop up is stopping me.

badboyz097h ago

This was just before my time. I do remember my mom's friend having one all dusty in her apartment back in the day.

[R.I.P.} Ms. Irene

Abear217h ago

People forget that console wars are part of the history of this industry. The console wars were started by competitive companies all the way back then and continued through Sega vs Nintendo, Jaguar/3DO/NeonGeo, and PlayStation vs Nintendo and Xbox.

These companies are across oceans and competing for the same business. These companies created the console wars, not crazy fanboys.

anast4h ago

Console wars are fun. It's fun to be a fanboy too. I don't get what's wrong with any of this as entertainment.