Killzone: Mercenary is the FPS the Vita has been needing | Destructoid

Destructoid: "I recently went hands-on with Killzone: Mercenary for the Vita, and based on what I saw, it could finally be the FPS the Vita has been so badly needing. It's hard to say this early on if it's a must-own, but my early impressions are at least far more favorable compared to the previous two disasters."

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Sanquine902162d ago

So long :( If you want a game so bad... September sounds like a year:S

TheGrimOfDeath2162d ago

Man with GTA V, Saints Row IV, Watch Dogs and Tearaway plus some other great games to come out. I have just no idea what to buy since I can only buy 1-2 games.

Krew_922162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

I hope they don't screw up the release date like they did with LBP Vita.

Stores started to sell the game early, and jacked up everything for online. Although I got it before the U.S. release date everything was very convoluted. Amazon almost screwed everyone of their pre-orders too.

Anyways I can't wait for this game, I'm happy it's coming out earlier than it was scheduled to be, but sad it's not universal but I'm pretty much used to it since Killzone games always come out early in EU since they were made there in the first place.

Sanquine902162d ago

Not to be a d*ck, but the most games releases earlier in North America... I hope with the ps4 they make all the games available ( PS Japan games also downloadable on PSN EU OR PSN NA)

Krew_922162d ago

Oh I know about that, that's why I didn't really complain much. I know the Killone series always came out in Europe first, since they were developed by a German studio.

I agree with you though, let's see if they make universal release dates with the PS4.

Sanquine902162d ago

Sorry krew_92 but it is NOT developed by a german studio. It is developed by a dutch studio. ( The Netherlands in Amsterdam) ( Im a dutch)

Krew_922160d ago

Ah okay made a mistake there, now I know. Thanks.

Kingthrash3602162d ago

what about the fps the 3ds needs... or does only the vita need one to compete...
I always wonder why they say what the vita needs...yeah it needs a fps but it seems like writers of these kind of articles say this to compare it to home consoles and not handhelds. they compared the vitas cod with the consoles versions which was unfair in my eyes. honestly if declass got such a low rating shouldnt the ds versions of cod gotten lower scores? ive played both and they are night and day. vitas cod waa Easley the best fps on a handheld ever...yeah it was well over priced and not the best the vita could do bit still was leagues beyond the others and should be honored for that.
but yeah killzone should be the bras off best fps on any handheld ever.

Krew_922160d ago

I guess they say "needs" because of the massive media disappointment with the two previous FPS games on the Vita.

I agree that it's unfair for the Vita to get this much expectations out of people, and the 3DS get a free ride. But the Vita owes it to itself to bring out a half decent FPS compared to the previous.

In my opinion I feel the Vita needs this game to show to the public it CAN do FPS games right.

Kingthrash3602160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

I agree and if guerilla gets it wrong then that will be all bad but if (when imo) it does people need to blame the devs for a bad fps and not the vita. the main thing the vita needs is a price drop...though its worth the price its pricey.