Metal Gear Solid 4 & Steel PS3 topping Amazon.JP Pre-Orders

Unsurprisngly, the Metal Gear Solid 4 Special Edition is number 1 on Amazon Japan's Pre-Order chart second only to the 40GB Steel Metal Gear Solid 4 Special PS3.

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resistance1003888d ago

Whats more amazing is the amount of PSP's just below it


the psp is so underrated it drives me crazy . when i see people with the ds i want to smash there face on the touch screen so they can imprint there ugly azz face on there .

yesah3888d ago

yep the PS brand is king in jappan......besides Wii which is just selling everywhere

Piranjah3888d ago

They would top a lot more charts if they were to release this special edition ps3 in the other regions as well.

iAmPS33888d ago

From what I see so far, we are gonna out sell the 3rdFixMe again this year!!!!


Sir Ken Kutaragi 33888d ago

My Baby;)PS3 lools good in any colour! ;-P

vloeistof3888d ago

i now really want to know how much pre-orders the game ww has

meepmoopmeep3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

yeah, the japanese are picky, man... yeah MGS4 is just the beginning... just imagine when FFXIII & White Knight Story come out... lol

Doctor Strange3888d ago

White Knight Story, thats a game I want more info on as it looks really good.

Back on subject I think MGS4 will get over a million in pre-orders only, that's my opinion.

Chubear3888d ago

It's going to be a blood bath for Sony's competition come July and an utterly messy bloody massacre during FF arrival.

Gosh, this isn't going to be pretty at all for MS.

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The story is too old to be commented.