Gran Turismo Behind-the-Scenes, Beyond the Apex


"I never imagined that being a serious auto enthusiast and a hard core gamer would ever amount to anything life altering, except carpal tunnel syndrome and continuously suspended driver's license. Until the day I got a call from SCEA asking me if I would like to produce a documentary on the latest version in the Gran Turismo franchise, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue."

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dude_uk4493d ago

Very cool indeed.....
This guy's one of the great geniouses in the Game industry
keep up the excelent work you've always done on GT series....

also the professional dude just enforces the idea that GT5 will be great when he said "vehicle dinamics feel very realistic"...
and that is all we need to

kr90914493d ago

I agree. Did you also notice that he said "When I first became a professional I actually used the game to learn the tracks I would be driving on" That is amazing to me. It just goes to show all the effort that is put into these games to make a realistic racing experience.

iAmPS34493d ago

"vehicle dinamics feel very realistic" - professional racing driver

Well, I think he would never say that if he was racing "plastic cars" from that other game people call a "racing simulator".