What do you want to see announced during the next Xbox reveal?

GameZone writes, "There's been tons of rumors and hype leading up to Tuesday's big event is at an all-time high. Will the next Xbox force you to be online to play games? Is the rumored always-on requirement just for patch purposes? Can you play pre-owned games? Will it emphasize the social aspects of gaming as the PS4 attempts? Will it even emphasize gaming? Microsoft has been keen in turning the Xbox into more of just a gaming console -- they want it to be an all-around entertainment hub.

We don't know what Microsoft plans to show, but here's what the GameZone crew is hoping to see"

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GalacticEmpire2161d ago

Really hope it has a share button, it would be great if such an awesome feature became standard across all platforms next gen.

Septic2161d ago

Yeah such a feature is a must now. I can't wait to use it on the PS4.

jmc88882161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

But who wants to watch you game? You're not that important.

Would you watch someone's meaningless game from yesterday? Or are you busy playing yourself?

This isn't a knock against you. I would include myself in the 'not that important' as well.

It's just the realization that millions will share and no one will get views.

So why is it so important when THIS is guaranteed the future of the function?

I won't knock it's inclusion, just trying to say it's not really that important.

All it really does is create delusions that people are important about something that doesn't matter. Gaming is fun, that's its purpose.

It's like an instant narcissist button.

Septic2161d ago

No mate, it's to share between videos with my mates or clan matches etc.

rainslacker2161d ago

I think it's an interesting feature, but jmc does have a point. Would you rather watch someone else play the game, or would you rather just play the game yourself?

I know it's great from a marketing standpoint, and for those cool videos that show people doing stuff using skills or walkthrus or whatever, but realistically, most of the uploaded game play videos on youtube are utter crap and only really serve to dilute the interesting ones that are out there.

I personally don't think it takes anything away from the machine, but it seems like it's not for me, and I'm not terribly interested in it. Maybe because I'm from a time when people didn't share every aspect of their life in up to the minute postings on the web. I feel this feature is going to end up being used more along those lines, although the potential for greatness is there.

greenpowerz2161d ago

That is a stupid feature for the xbox. It's gimmicky. Not talking about the functionality of it but the button itself. You could just as easily add that functionality with a 3 second guide button press LMAO. If people had to have that feature they don't need and extra button for it with that name.

Isn't the share button just a repurposed/multi functional select button?

I guess what PS3 fanboys are trying to say is that they wish the 720 will have built in recording in the console operating system?

Septic2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

How is it a stupid feature? The button itself just makes things easier and doesn't take anything away from the experience.

It just means its more intuitive that's all.

Imagine if there is some amazing event unfolding in front of you- (hopefully)all you have to do is press or hold the share button and you're instantly recording as opposed to opening the guide then scrolling to pick an option (or several options depending on how this will work) to do the same thing.

The intuitive nature of Xbox Live is the reason why I prefer it to the draconian (imo) PSN/XMB interface. Now, Sony are doing it right you're critiquing Sony for making things easier?

jimbobwahey2161d ago

The problem with pressing the guide button (or PS button if you had to do it on PS3) is that it interferes with gameplay. So say for example you want to capture something that's happening during multiplayer gameplay, you can't pause live multiplayer to fiddle around in a menu system can you? Whereas if you can just hit a button on the controller it's incredibly intuitive and easy to do.

I mean take a headset for example right? Imagine if you had to open up the guide menu to adjust the volume of it, switch it on/off rather than just using the buttons on the headset. It's the same deal with the Share button on the PS4 controller, it makes things as user friendly as possible.

loulou2161d ago

sorry, but i dont see this share thing as a must need feature.

it is not something that i even considered as a reason for why i will buy a ps4. and its inclusion or not will not influence my decision to buy the new xbox

rainslacker2161d ago

To translate:

Sony is just adding superfluous buttons to it's controller to be more convenient for what is going to be a big feature of the PS4.

However the idea is cool, so I have to cover my bases in case MS announces something similar, which of course will be better because it's all in software and not as seamless, which is awesome for the end user.

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OlgerO2161d ago

Free online for playing games is a must for me, whichever console has that will be the winner for me. If they both have it, im facing a difficult decision.

Eldyraen2161d ago

Personally I have never had qualms with paying for XBL but I understand others' concerns about it. Would I rather it be free? Of course but what wouldn't I prefer being free?

I simply prefer XBL over PSN as a personal choice. PSN is sufficient but, IMO, the lesser quality of the two (for me). I am a PS+ subscriber as well and love it which is by far the better "deal" yet I still play most multiplayer games on Xbox (exception of course being exclusives and very rare multiplatform titles).

Next gen I will just wait and see but I have still had more issues with PSN than XBL (although still "rare") so I am leaning towards sticking with Xbox for multiplatform ATM even if I do still have to pay for the "privilege". I know others might not agree or even have experienced similar problems but doesn't change the fact I have (as well as some others I have met--again not all but plenty).

I'll likely yet again buy both and just pick what to play on what as they come along.

OlgerO2161d ago

@Eldyraen I think it depends on what kind of gamer you are. For me PSN is able to do anything that I need, but I have to admit I am not much of a social gamer. For some reason I absolutely hate any subscription kind of model. I only buy a few big games a year, of which many dont even have an online component. So when I dont play any online games for 2 months I dont want to pay for online. Still it is the next consoles that I was talking about and I have a feeling that the online experiences will be more similar then this generation. At the moment I am very positive about the future of gaming, and I expect great things from both microsoft and Sony. I really hope that at least one console has free online.

Nicholasgliss2161d ago

I want to "see" a darn console. Sony and MS are killing me! Really, a slick new piece of hardware still gets me giddy.

RuleofOne343 2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

A share button would be cool ,but a live stream button so as you are playing it is streaming straight to twitch or SkyDrive so you can share into the ecosystem & outside of it while also eliminating the whole theatre search & edit mode. now that would be cool.( how does a cool feature or crazy ideas as this receive a disagree, if your going to shoot an idea down explain why, unless am to assume that this site is visited by ___________. chose the word that best describes you're self but be honest.

Jek_Porkins2161d ago

I want to see a controller with a better D-Pad, sleekly designed console, I want the console name, I want games actually played on the console. Want to see the new OS, and some of the other features. Hopefully some surprises, I'm excited that we're this close to the reveal and nothing concrete has leaked.

GalacticEmpire2161d ago

Actually the specs leak seemed pretty legit and let's not forget the PS4 specs from the same source were pretty accurate.

Jek_Porkins2161d ago

Actually the spec leak for the PS4 had that at only 6 gigs, and I don't buy rumors anyway, so I'm looking forward to facts for a change of pace.

Although I got a good laugh at rumors and people who believed lot of crazy ones.

GalacticEmpire2161d ago

Er yeah, that's why I said "pretty accurate" and not '100% correct'.

Ha! Yeah I'm sure you were laughing the whole time you were on N4G doing damage control over those rumors, just like you're doing in the PS4 teaser video articles right now, keep laughing.

Minato-Namikaze2161d ago

The source had it at 4 gigs with sony "seriously" considering upping it to 8 (which sony ended up doing).

Gridloc2161d ago

Show me a new Mech Assault game and I'm in. Otherwise Sony will get my money...

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