The Last of Us Multplayer Information 'Imminent'

By Stephen Daly

News concerning the multiplayer component of The Last of Us is to be revealed shortly with Naughty Dog community strategist Eric Monacelli commenting that the arrival of new information is "imminent".

While we've known that the game will have an online component for some time the Sony owned studio has released very little information about it, preferring instead to focus on the single player.

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Root2165d ago

Bout bloody comes out next month

ltachiUchiha2165d ago

Lol I think there is a reason. Sony may be trying to save it to fire back at microsoft if the microsoft reveal does very well. Atleast thats what im thinking sony is trying to do to try an take away some steam from microsoft since we all know microsoft is going to prolly going to show some big things tomorrow including the new call of duty which isnt big to some of us but that game has like 20 million fans awaiting that 1 game so yeah. Should be good from both sides.

ltachiUchiha2165d ago

Sorry for all the errors in my last post, im kinda dozing off lol.

Jek_Porkins2165d ago

To be fair though, showing off a multiplayer mode isn't going to combat a new console being shown off.

I'm interested to see what The Last Of Us has to offer with it's multiplayer, but I highly doubt Sony is trying to counter MS's reveal with this information.

The blurred video teaser of the PS4 is attempting to do that.

Outside_ofthe_Box2165d ago

This week... damn. It's gonna be one hell of a ride..

Irishguy952165d ago

Lots of competition though, great year/.

2165d ago