The Last of Us "Ellie Edition" sells out at Game

If you were hoping to get your hands on the exclusive “Ellie Edition” of the Last of Us then you might have to head to ebay or similar. Expect to be paying over the odds however.

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ArchangelMike2160d ago

phew... good job I pre-ordered mine like, the minute it was announced. Hopefully GAME don't repeat the Mass Effect 3 fiasco again...

TheOneEyedHound2160d ago ShowReplies(7)
Bathyj2160d ago

I'll sell you mine for a thousand bucks

matrixman922160d ago

the survival edition was also sold out when I went to gamestop to try to preorder it...pretty much everywhere else still has it though

RTheRebel2160d ago

Amazon still has Survival Edition =)

matrixman922160d ago

yep...told the person working at gamestop that I would just go preorder from Amazon then...and thats what i did lol

Root2160d ago

It wouldn't of been sold out as quick if they brought the blood Survival Edition to the UK instead of giving us two seperate small editions

I mean a sackboy costume and DS3 controller skins, with a MINI artbook and comic....COME ON

It's the only time I've pre ordered an american edition...the customs charge is going to be huge :'(

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The story is too old to be commented.