Interview: NCsoft's Console Move

NCsoft is one of the most innovative MMO companies around, grinding away at what it hopes to be the Next Big Thing(s). Next-Gen interviews North American boss Chris Chung about PS3 development and much more...

Picking the brain of recently-appointed NCsoft North America president Chris Chung, Next-Gen find a company that has its fingers in a few noteworthy businesses, plugging away relatively quietly in the shadow of occasional World of Warcraft subscriber base press updates.

For example, development of Richard Garriott's hyped-up Tabula Rasa continues, PlayStation 3 MMO work is underway, initiatives in new business models are progressing, Guild Wars 2 is coming along, City of Heroes is poised to become bigger and better and the upcoming Aion (pronounced "eye-on") is turning into a real looker. It's all work-in-progress, but the potential for NCsoft's new and upcoming projects in the MMO market deserve recognition.

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