PS3's World Domination Plan: A Baby Step

Sony is making an incremental move toward its long-held goal: Turning the PlayStation 3 into an entertainment hub. A free update later this month will allow users to download mini-games and movie clips/trailers. That's nice. But it's still not nearly as useful as the Xbox 360 (MSFT), which downloads and plays entire movies. Not to mention Apple's iTunes(AAPL) and a host of other offerings.

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TriggerHappy3955d ago

I dont understand this author. What is he really trying to say? He starts of by praising the PS3 and what Sony is doing and then goes on to say that Microsoft has done a much better job ?

Sayai jin3955d ago

Its because he is being subjective. He looks at all the items he is talking about and praises what HE sees fit.

gaffyh3955d ago

What's the point of this article? Xbox Live has HD movies? Didn't we already know this about a year ago? Am I asking too many questions? Lol

whoelse3955d ago

I don't think the author realizes that the real Video Store is supposed to be coming next month and these mini-games and such are just part of the BD-Live features on the movies.

butterfinger3955d ago

this author did any research at all, tbh. Looks to me like this person hasn't realized that the 360 has peaked and the PS3 has a supremely higher potential.

decapitator3955d ago

Way too many authors recently and whats ironic is that, each of them are really trying to write interesting pieces but end up contradicting themselves to hell.

heyheyhey3955d ago

you always flame the articles you post and call them biased and crap

that's kinda amusing

decapitator3955d ago

Not all the time. Some article are just poorly written but worth talking about since it does bring up some points. Besides these are better than the 'comparison' posts that come on here every now and then.

Kaz Hirai3955d ago

The SLOBBERING APE should not be anywhere near a keyboard!


Sir Ken Kutaragi 33955d ago

King Kaz;) I think i forgot to catch a Ape from Ape Escape games,
because he wrote this story!;-D
(+Any story/comments xBot Lemmings + Micro$oft write on this!)

heyheyhey3955d ago

im sure Sony will come out with it's own video service soon

hell, the concept pics of the PSN re-design had a section called "video store" on the menu

and don't be surprised if Sony decides to keep the movies from it's own studios (Spiderman etc) exclusive to this PSN video store

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The story is too old to be commented.