EA - Want Guns? Buy them - Or so it seems

Geekpulp reports people have already started accessing the Beta for Battlefield Bad Company and it seems that there are already people in an outrage at something that has appeared. There is screen showing 20 locked guns, 10 of them can be unlocked through playing the game (like in CoD4) while the other 10 display the following message

"Buy this weapon on Xbox Live Marketplace"

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SUP3R3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Milk Milk Milk
So now in order to get the full game even after spending $65(after tax) you have to spend more money in the
This is really reaching the point of utter foolishness.

Winter47th3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

If this game forces me to buy the guns, then I'm simply not buying it, and EA can go ****'em selves, I'm keeping my COD4 thank you.

And for everyone else, please don't fall for this milking catastrophe, or else we'll get screwed everytime EA launches another title.

socomnick3867d ago

I hope they don't charge real money for these guns. From the way the game seems I am guessing that you earn money in the game and can then purchase these weapons from the would be "xbox live marketplace".

Caliber3868d ago's EA.

The way DLC has become a way to milk gamers is horrible. I really hope reviewers start taking this in account when reviewing games in the future.
And that gamers don't support this bullshit by actually buying the weapons.

MK_Red3868d ago

Wow... EA. This is Beta for crying out loud. Seriously... Charging people for Beta's weapons? Wow.

Salvadore3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Luckily for them I am purchasing Bad Company, but if this also applies for the retail version, they can forget my money.

MK_Red3867d ago

Agreed. If indeed so many weapons are to be purchased online then EA can forget about my money as well.

xplosneer3867d ago

The gamers are the ones helping them out anyways. They are providing the feedback to improve. They should get these weapons for free. Who cares if they are privilaged to get the beta? It's most likely buggy and they could ruin their machines doing so.

Redeye73868d ago

I had high hopes for this game, as I have enjoyed playing all of the Battlefield series (minus Vietnam). I am no longer waiting on this game if there is even the smallest shred of truth to it.

There is zero chance I will purchase this game if this is the case, and it will have a serious impact on future purchases of games created/published by these companies.

(In other words DICE/EA I won't buy your crap anymore)

MK_Red, you act like it would be ok as long as you didn't have to pay in the beta, only retail.

MK_Red3867d ago

No, I didn't mean that it's ok in retail but think about it. This is beta, where people are supposed to test the game for free...

EA is disgusting.

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