The next Xbox: everything we know so far

Eurogamer lay out all the details that they have on the Next Generation XBOX, from insider sources, rumors, speculation and more.

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Gimmemorebubblez2163d ago

I cant wait for MS to Usher in the next-generation of gaming.~

Jokes aside I am interested to see what Microsoft comes up with. Looking for new ip's and hoping for a powerful machine.

nthstew2163d ago

only time will tell...For now I am on PS4's side

cleverusername2163d ago

What is this, mods vs rockers?

Gimmemorebubblez2163d ago

For those of you who fail to get the joke just watch this part MS's E3 2012 conference.

GameCents2162d ago

Ruined it by explaining. Nice job.

urwifeminder2163d ago

Hype is building to massive heights I don't get your joke but im sure its fantastic enjoy the show great time to be a gamer under the ms banner.

jeffgoldwin2163d ago

I think its great to be on either or both sides (sony/ms). Cant friggin wait for next gen.

Also being a pc gamer, I did wish the next gen consoles were a bit more powerful, but nonetheless, I think we'll see lots of awesomeness.

M-M2163d ago

Can't wait a day huh?

Jdoki2163d ago

I don't really care about the hardware, I assume it'll be in the same ballpark as PS4.

I'm not interested in services.. I can get Netflix, Facebook and all that other junk from my tablet, TV or PC.

What I am interested in is the games. MS have a big hill to climb to win me over.

Fingers crossed they deliver tomorrow and at E3.

isarai2163d ago

as one of the comments already says

"the next xbox everything we know so far"

Spends whole article listing rumors and unconfirmed reports

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The story is too old to be commented.