Rumor: Kid Icarus making a comeback

Joystiq via IGN writes: "Pit's feature role in Super Smash Bros. Brawl could be a precursor to the Kid Icarus franchise's triumphant resurrection, or at least IGN seems to think so. On their latest Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, Matt Casamassina and the gang discuss Reggie's recent comments about a holiday blockbuster to be announced at E3, and speculate that it could be the new Kid Icarus that they "know" is in the works.

Now, how Casassamassassassina and crew can be so absolutely sure that Kid Icarus is Wii-bound is beyond us. We'll personally apply a liberal amount of skeptical sauce to this story, although it's also worth mentioning that the IGN team actually hopes Nintendo's E3 reveal isn't the Kid Icarus game they magically already know about"

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meepmoopmeep3957d ago

oh man, kid icarus was awesome for the nes. if it's to be released that gives me more incentive to get a wii.

Basch3957d ago

would be nice. I suppose you can kind of give Kid Icarus a break because an update there would be a paradigm for the franchise, but it's time for a wave brand new stuff instead of endless rehashes of the old. People say that often enough – why won't Nintendo make it so?

ItsDubC3957d ago

Disaster: Day of Crisis is a start, I suppose. Quite frankly tho, I'd love to see a new Mario Paint and Pilotwings on the Wii.

PS360WII3957d ago

If they do make a new Kid Icarus I'll be somewhat jaded for it'll never be as difficult and insanly hard as the NES version :(

But really no game these days comes close to that kind of difficulty level.

yesah3957d ago

my best character in brawl..

Cyrus3653957d ago

Do you think this is the surprise/big announcement game for Wii that Reggie is talking about?

Me personally I don't, i think it's another accessory that Nintendo can make money on...just like the nunchucks, the wii fit, i think it'll be something else along those lines.