Co-Optimus: Army of Two Co-Op Review

Co-Optimus writes: "Queue in the movie announcer voice. "In a world where the private military contractors help fight terrorism...". Such is the world of Army of Two where Co-Op play rules the roost as you take control of one of two characters in the role of a mercenary fighting terrorism with your best buddy at your side. Army of Two feels very much like Gears of War with gritty combat, a focus on teamwork, and a solid cover system. Both games are powered by the Unreal Engine 3, and even share that famous bell sound when hitting a checkpoint.

Designed from the ground up for the co-op experience, Army of Two sets a new bar for teamwork. Whether it's co-op sniping, lifting your teammate up to an otherwise unreachable place, or dragging your buddy to safety to heal him; Army of Two emphasizes team work and communication. The game takes you around the world from Somalia to Iraq, and from China to Miami, FL. You'll find yourself in tight corridors, and wide open areas. If you get lost, there's a GPS system that conveniently shows you the way to the next objective, or shows different objects in the world to interact with."

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