Evil Avatar: Army of Two Review

Evil Avatar: "Many of us know about the last minute shenanigans surrounding Electronic Arts and Army of Two in November, right?. If not, the story is that EA had sent out reviewable copies of the game and caught wind of what EGM was going to score the game and didn't like what they heard. They made a quick decision to pul the game from the release list and put it back into the cooker for some tweaks. I'm not sure what all they tweaked, but the only thing I can hope is that the end product I played is a better game than it was a few months ago. If it indeed is (and we'll honestly never know), EA Montreal managed to squeak out a marginal single-player game and an average co-op game at best. I shudder at what kind of game it was almost four months ago though."

The Good
+ The graphics
+ The cutscenes
+ Co-op is fun for one run-through

The Bad
- Single-player is tedious with commanding your partner around
- The game is short
- DLC coming? Why wasn't some of it in the game already with the delay?
- No intra-continental co-op play

The Ugly
- The carnage these two leave behind them

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