Xbox Infinity: Microsoft Employee Tweets Mysterious Image, Possible Kinect 2.0 Tease


"Eric Neustadter, "the xbox live operations gaming ninja," has posted a very intriguing image on Twitter, and the only bit of text included with the picture reads: "#ThisMeansNothing."

I'm convinced it's a Kinect 2.0 tease."

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alexcosborn3600d ago

Do you think it will help me improve my Halo skills?

Mustang300C20123600d ago

I still wear my Nintendo power glove and it brings my teams to victory in Halo 4

doctorstrange3600d ago

It's an Xbot after all... :P someone had to do that pun

LOL_WUT3600d ago

It's Microsofts version of the power glove ;)

zebramocha3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Let's hope kinect gets put in the next assassin creed.

Autodidactdystopia3599d ago

something tells me we've just seen our first xbox 720 game or techdemo screenshot.

That is what I think. could be wrong but images like that don't create themselves and unless a source is found I would be willing to bet that that is a direct screenshot from a techdemo or a game.

the whole image strikes me as a realtime render from an engine I don't recognize. :)

who knows guess we'll see in a few days.

morganfell3599d ago

"something tells me we've just seen our first xbox 720 game or techdemo screenshot."

Something tells me we haven't. It's obviously a take on the The Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo which is in the Cystine Chapel. In this case it is Microsoft's marketing version of a new Adam.

In the original painting god is on the left and Adam on the right. This imples the new Xbox will create a new person...a new you. It's a good marketing poster but I highly doubt it is a game.

zeee3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

"iBox" starring Will Smith :)

Braid3599d ago

It's Respawn's Nextbox exclusive sci-fi FPS title.

You heard it here first.

shadow27973599d ago

"In the original painting god is on the left and Adam on the right. This imples the new Xbox will create a new person...a new you. It's a good marketing poster but I highly doubt it is a game."

Except in the original painting God is on the right and Adam is on the left. Your interpretation still makes sense, though.

pixelsword3599d ago


Microsoft invented the power glove.

And Avatars.


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scofios3600d ago

"WELL BAM there it is 2.0

sashimi3600d ago

does this mean xbox man is going to lose his job? :(

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

"Xbox robot confirmed!"

That is called an xbot?

see u guys next week since i maybe banned.

4Sh0w3600d ago

lol, doesn't take much to get a bunch of wild speculation. I think its just some random pic he threw out to see who bites.

AngelicIceDiamond3599d ago

If the Xbox is turning into robots then ummm consider me out lol.

GameCents3599d ago

Xbox Nokia. I called it first. Lol.

Syntax-Error3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Are you people still calling it 720? A name that was coined by a game site and NOT officially by Microsoft. Even the project name was Durango and you idiots are still calling it 720. No wonder the industry thinks you guys are sheep

hennessey863599d ago


jrbeerman113599d ago

ok so xboxinfinitydurangofuse then?

grimmweisse3599d ago

And the industry thinks you're a twat!

Cryptcuzz3599d ago

With comments like that no wonder you're an error. Chill out man, people can call it whatever they want until Microsoft officially announces what they are calling it.

Even with the PS4 when it was code named Orbis, most people still call it the PS4 before Sony announce that, that is in fact what they are calling it.

OT: I thought the image is pretty cool and artistic. Looking forward to the show tomorrow with great anticipation.

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novcze3599d ago

xbox robot hand confirmed ... you know, like Howard had in Big Bang Theory :)

GamerToons3599d ago

Microsoft has taken Adam Orth and turned him into a robot to turn on and enslave humanity to get revenge for his Always On debacle.

I'll be back... online!

..errr.. that or it's a hint for the new Xbox reveal tomorrow.

Davuskus3599d ago

An Xbox robot who plays all the games for you! You don't have to play at all, just let your Xbox robot have all the fun!

Mounce3599d ago

Rob the robot 'Sequel' confirmed.

Made by Rare, made with Kinect. It will invade your home and help hold your hand while you play your games.

crazysammy3599d ago

X.B.O.X the Robot packed in with every console!

xtremeimport3599d ago

who actually cares about Kinect?

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alexcosborn3600d ago

Hey, ya never know!

The future of Kinect is sure to be interesting...

HammadTheBeast3599d ago

So its never coming either?

Blackdeath_6633599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

...let me just scan my skateboard in front of the camera and ask a friend what i should wear this evening

ftwrthtx3600d ago

Project Sistine Chapel....?

ginsunuva3599d ago

I was thinking a hint towards Android (the OS.) But then I realized MS wants to push windows on mobile too, so nevermind.

DeadlyFire3599d ago

Think more like Windows RT(ARM edition). That is the version they are pushing towards ARM devices, phones and such. Next Xbox would have to have a lite version of Windows on it if any version at all so I am thinking Windows 8 RT(ARM version)

hkgamer3599d ago

I doubt it.

For some reason, it's probably something to do with Kinect.

What I saw when I first saw it is that Kinect will be able to detect the users finger movements, (like it was suppose to for kinect 1.0).

ginsunuva3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

But the xbox would have to have an ARM processor, which it won't

Cryptcuzz3599d ago

We don't know that, I know you are basing it on the year old leaked documents and rumors, but within that time frame, it could have changed. Let us not make such bold comments until tomorrow. You may in fact be right, but nothing is for certain until it is officially announce as such.


GraveLord3600d ago

OMG! I can use my hands to do simple crap that can be done much faster with a controller!

Gazondaily3599d ago haven't seen what is yet and....

Ah I can't be assed

DOMination-3599d ago

Lets all ignore that the ps4 has a kinect v1.0 ripoff and that sony are bound to show a load of games that use it at e3!!!

Gimmemorebubblez3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Lets all ignore that the Kinect V.1.0 was a rip off of the eye-toy...........

Shuyin3599d ago

Lol, another ignorant fool. You do realize MS ripped off Sony's Eyetoy / PSEye first, right?
Jeez...people these days..

DOMination-3599d ago

Just because it's a camera of sorts, doesn't make it a rip off. That's like saying Apple ripped off Nokia for making a phone. Yeah, it's a phone but a completely different phone.

The EyeToy was a nice little innovation at the time, but it was essentially just a webcam. The Kinect can track objects and people in a 3D space and has a motor to adjust it's viewing angles automatically. So is it an evolution of the EyeToy? Well, yes it is - nearly everything has to evolve from something else, but is it a ripoff? No.

duli143599d ago

With that logic you could say MS ripped off Sony for making a gaming console.

nukeitall3599d ago


"Lol, another ignorant fool. You do realize MS ripped off Sony's Eyetoy / PSEye first, right?"

So you are saying Sony started that abomination of motion controlls with a camera?

I guess now we know who to blame! It all started with Sony whom sowed the evil seed that sprouted into Kinect!!! :D

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dale_denton3599d ago

yay more gimmicks from microsoft and still no games

andibandit3599d ago

You dont even know what it is, #troll fail

dale_denton3599d ago

i'll bet my bottom dollar it is.

Cryptcuzz3599d ago

It is called a teaser. It is made with the intent to tease and entice conversations on what tomorrow's show would include or be about.

Of course they are not going to show off games now when the unveil is tomorrow.

If you are talking about when the console gets released and still no games, then all I got to do to that is shake my head. #Shame

SonyPS3603599d ago

OMG! let's all assume it's about kinect so I can give my own, bitchy point of view on it!

SonyPS3603599d ago


Let's all pretend that making a completely superior piece of tech (kinect) is the same as ripping off a webcam with apps (eye toy).

Nodoze3599d ago

Kinect = superior tech HAHAHAHAHA

Sony360 = TOOL

omi25p3599d ago

OMG! You know that its a new type of controller just by a picture!

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