IGN: My Horse and Me Review

IGN writes: "Sometimes we wonder how many little girls open up their birthday presents and find a horse themed video game in lieu of an actual equine. Based on the sheer number of horse games in the past couple years it seems like it'd be the country's leading cause of disappointed little girls. But with My Horse and Me for the Nintendo Wii, W!Games may have created a game that will actually destroy anyone's desire to ever own a horse.

Instead of the American heartland farm setting of many horse games, My Horse and Me puts the player in the role of a professional show jumper. Players compete in events in scenic New England (or maybe European) areas."

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BrotherNick3865d ago

I like when reading the review that they don't look at it like the game is a horse game, and that they look at the controls (which are horrid). Customization would also be something I'd want if I had a horse lol.