Metro: Last Light Review: A Diminished Return - Error! Not Found

"If there ever were a game worthy of the “diamond in the rough” moniker, it’d be Metro 2033. Based off the Russian novel of the same name, 2033 debuted back in 2010 seemingly out of the blue, but quickly turned into a bit of a cult-favorite. Caught off guard at the game’s success, Metro: Last Light has clearly been given a good deal more in the way of funding and support from THQ (and eventually Koch Media), and it shows. Metro: Last Light is a good follow-up to 2033, but it definitely feels changed in ways that aren’t always to its benefit."

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seanpitt232167d ago

I got to the bloody place where there is lap dances etc after you fight of them big worms things in the underground sewer and it crashed, freezed on my ps3 so I turned it off. When I went back to the game there was no existence I had ever played it just said new game no continue and no chapters had been completed and I looked at my saved data and it says corrupted data so it looks like I have to do it all over again about 10 hours down the bloody drain absolute joke. I just don't think I can do it all over again.

Just be carefull guys this dosnt happen to you.