Wii U: Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 & New Super Luigi Bros U. get release dates

After a couple of pretty tough weeks, focused mainly around EA basically unfriending the Wii U on Facebook, Nintendo finally had something positive announcements to placate owners of its increasingly beleaguered console.

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Kingthrash3602162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

old news... nice.

MikeMyers2162d ago

Looks good, now they have the rest of the year still all cleared up for other big titles.

mcstorm2162d ago

Cant wait for Pikmin 3 and New Super Luigi U its the start of a great line up of game for the WiiU.

refocusedman2162d ago

A passable line up maybe............ great, lets just wait a few months before we make those assumptions.

mcstorm2162d ago

Not really it all depends on what type of games you like to what is great to you or not. People are looking forward to GTA, New COD bit I don't like those two games so for me this is a poor line up. But to others it a great one.