Brawl Like A Pro - Up Your Game: Play Super Smash Like A Pro

Gamedaily writes: "1. Don't Neglect Standard Attacks

Most novice players rely heavily on special moves to damage other players. Don't overlook your character's standard attacks. Many standard attacks can be used to start combos, continue combos or knock other players off of the stage. Standard attacks are usually faster than special attacks and have much less recovery time, meaning it's more difficult for other players to counterattack if a standard attack is blocked or misses.

2. Try Aerial Standard Attacks

In addition to standard attacks, aerial attacks can lead to easy kills but are often overlooked by novice players in favor of aerial Smash Attacks. In most cases, aerial Smash Attacks will cause more damage to another player, but damage isn't always the most important thing in Smash Bros. The amount of knockback an attack has can be just as important, and there are many aerial standard attacks that have significant knockback. Captain Falcon's Knee (aerial side+A) or any of the Dair spikes (Falco's aerial down + A) are good examples of often overlooked aerial standard attacks."

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