Reflections on Reality

If you were to try to describe the media in the naivest possible way, it would be “a platform for telling you what is happening”. Of course, what the media tells people, how it tells them and why it tells them news is far from impartial. As a window into the world, it is opaque, skewing what is real to present their agendas. Gill’s Gender and the Media explains that “research drawing on post-structuralist frameworks argued that the media were involved in constructing reality. Quite literally they produced and constituted understandings, subjectives and versions of the world.” - PSLS

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TrendyGamers2165d ago (Edited 2165d ago )

My favorite part was the troll-tastic hyperlink.

knifefight2165d ago

The sad part is that insightful articles like this won't get half as many reads as "best bewbs in gamez!" :/

doctorstrange2165d ago

Ooo, where could one find said article on bewbs?

Foolsjoker2165d ago

This article has 'boobs' in it - go read.

Wedge192165d ago

I'm also privy to some additional information: The article has 'sex' in it numerous times. People should read.

Wedge192165d ago

This is a sad commentary. While very very true, it's like writing a commentary about a fire in the city while you watch your city burn around you. Not much you can do, and it just all sucks. Very well written.