The Great Unwashed - Microsoft talks about reaching the mass-market - but who are they, and what do they want?

Rob Fahey of GamesIndustry writes: "The first true price cut of the new generation of consoles, which I explored a little last week, has done what you'd expect it to in the first few days - driven a spike in Xbox 360 sales, and given Microsoft a fresh angle for its promotion of the console. Sales were up 40 per cent over the weekend in the UK, and the new GBP 159.99 price point of the Arcade model has been heavily promoted - with a new marketing push focusing firmly on the new entry-level price.

One concept which has slipped readily out of the mouth of Microsoft's European Xbox supremo Chris Lewis in the wake of the price-cut is "mass-market". The Xbox 360 Arcade is now, after all, the cheapest console out there - undercutting Nintendo's Wii by a fairly significant GBP 20 margin in the UK.

'Dropping the price of a system to under GBP 100 will make little difference if the system and its software aren't already attractive.'"

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power of Green 4493d ago (Edited 4493d ago )

If you check each lineup and compare diversity and number of games there shouldn't be a problem.

The point this dude makes speaks as if the 360's competition has already achieved the niche" excuse over the 360. lol.

Game cube got beat by Brand loyalty plus a new hot console entering the market amung 3rd party issues etc and was looked at as more of the same. Each generation is different but cheap consoles with large collections of titles is the only helpful factor that never changes.

I wouldn't say bargon casual trend shoppers look for AAA's that fit their niche etc. over the amount of titles and price or innovation a console offers lol.

Kind of a ridiculous post considering only a few major titles that became loved by all helped last generation more than a few niche games.

Most people buying consoles take their kids to the shop and say you're getting this ONE!!!!! end of story we have bills to pay.

2008 is the year MSFT proves they cane have a year with many hybrids and great diversity, I'm not sure what this dudes point is but I'm SUPRIZED with the flavor of genre's releasing this year for the 360..

Rattles4493d ago

no they dont if its to much they dont buy it they wait for it to drop in price i know because i wasint aloud a ps2 untill it came down in price, why didint we get another console? because we didint know how good it was we new the playstation was good because of the ps1 we owned for 5 years. when you get a good run out of something "car tv cell phone" you tend to stick to that brand "ps1 ps2" over 110 million ps1 owners say the ps2 was the console to move on to dont expect them all to goto the 360 just because its cheaper.

every body knows that if you wait it will come down in price' tell you now there would be more kids/casuals out there wanting a ps3 but they will have to wait for it to come down in price. they know wat games they want and they know wer they can get them because they owned a ps1 and ps2.

power of Green 4493d ago

You have to take into account of the hundreds of already released titles on Xbox.

Alan Wake Xbox 360 action thriller

All Points Bulletin(APB) Xbox 360 MMO

Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures Xbox 360 MMO

Banjo-Kazooie Xbox 360 Platformer

Crash time xbox 360 Racing

CrimeCraft Xbox 360 MMO

Damnation Xbox 360 First Person Shooter

Dead Island Xbox 360 First Person Shooter

INFERNAL Xbox 360 Action/Shooter

Infinite Undiscovery Xbox 360 JRPG

Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 First Person Shooter

Deprived Xbox 360 Survival/Horror

Elveon Xbox 360 Action/RPG

Fable 2 Xbox 360 RPG

Fairy Tales: Three Heroes Xbox 360 Action/Adventure

Football Manager 2008 Xbox 360 Sports

Gears of War 2 Xbox 360 Shooter

Grand Theft Auto IV Action/Adventure expansion

Halo Wars Xbox 360 Real Time Strategy

Ninja Gaiden 2 Xbox 360 Action/Adventure

Postal 3 Xbox 360 action/shooter

Project Offset Xbox 360 First Person Shooter
(posted untill the devs say otherwise)

Sabotage xbox 360 FPS(Rumor that its coming to other consoles; being posted as coming to consoles doesn't mean anything)

Sacred 2 : Fallen Angel xbox 360 action

Tales of vesperia Xbox 360 JRPJ

Too human Xbox 360 action/RPG

Thessis xbox 360 action adventure

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction Xbox 360 Action

Universe at War: Earth Assault Xbox 360 Real Time Strategy

Virtual Me Xbox 360 Simulation

Voodoo Nights Xbox 360 Action/Adventure

WALL●E Xbox 360 Action/Adventure

Warhammer: Battle March Xbox 360 Action/Strategy

Warhound Xbox 360 First Person Shooter

Niche markets is just a point of view; many games will be huge hits on all three platforms
and some titles will be liked by some but not by all making them a niche title lol.

The 360's niche markets sell over an million copies of most niche games and 3rd party developers know it.

These are a few games that seemed intresting enough to fit some niche markets although the dude in this post was most likely talking about hyped games to negate MSFT's future.

heyheyhey4493d ago


Damnation is coming to PS3 as well

and so is Sabotage

kingme714493d ago

One could argue that none of the 3 major consoles appeal to the mass market yet. The winning console will be the one that can entice the broader market with titles, price, brand name.

The PS3 and 360 are gathering the hardcore gamers and are looking to bring in the casual crowd. The Wii on the other hand is aiming at casual first, then drawing in more hardcore (the Nintendo fans were always there).

Obviously, Nintendo picked the largest of the crowds, but a different crowd none the less. Nintendo will have a hard time drawing in the hardcore crowd as it is seen as inferior in the areas hardcore gamers are concerned mainly horse and graphic power. Most hardcore owners of a Wii own at least one of the other consoles. That's an advantage the Wii has in that its price point is low enough to justify owning it and another console.

It's going to be harder for Sony and MS to pull in that casual market. Casual gamers are less apt to own multi consoles and many are quite happy with the Wii. One or two titles isn't going to cut it for Sony and MS to get into that space. Ironically, the Wii has appealed to casual gamers largely on the back of one strong title: Wii Sports. It's not so much the title itself but the concept of what the title brings to gaming that has attracted so many people and created this buzz to own one. If Wii Sports used a classic controller it and the Wii would have been in a distant third in the race.

Nintendo shows no signs of slowing down and the sizable lead they are gaining each month might be insurmountable.

I don't think 2008 will decide anything. Sony will gain on MS, but will still be in 3rd by the time '09 rolls around. Nintendo will most likely keep chugging along like it has been doing. '09 and '10 could get interesting especially if the 360 continues to lag in current sales and MS announces their next step in consoles.

Chuck Norris4493d ago

It depends alot on this year. If Sony gains tremendous ground on the X360 install base, expect MS to release a new console with a slightly better tech than the PS3 2 years before Sony's next console launch.

The Wii is like an iPhone, a highly successful fad. They both have a great interface but other than that..

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