Denis Dyack Names His Favorite Aquatic Animal In Gaming

Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer writes: "I recently had a chance to ask Denis Dyack, president of "Too Human" studio Silicon Knights what his favorite gaming bird was. He told me, but I can't tell you, because for this month of March we are instead trying to figure out what the greatest aquatic animal in gaming is.

Multiplayer: Denis, can you tell what me your nomination is for greatest fish or other marine life in video game history?

Denis Dyack, President, Silicon Knights: I guess I would move towards Ecco the dolphin, if I was to name one. And yes, it is a mammal, but I think it qualifies as a fish."

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dachiefsman3868d ago

hey denis I don't give a shat about dolphins get in the studio and get that demo out to the gamers.....