HDMI survival guide for home theater

What is HDMI?
HDMI is a high speed digital interface for the transmission of high quality digital audio and digital video. So if you plug your DVD player, your PlayStation 3, your satellite or cable TV box, or even your computer up to a modern HDTV with a single HDMI cable, then the sound and picture will all work. The HDMI plug only has a single small connector so it's nice and simple. Before HDMI, you had to hook up three separate connectors for just the video and two additional RCA plugs for stereo sound. Instead of the two RCA plugs, you could also use an S/PDIF optical cable for the sound but it still adds a lot of cable complexity and clutter compared to a single HDMI cable.

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v1c1ous3866d ago

1) overpriced
2) marketing gimmick
3) cheap HDMI cables do the job just as well unless you're going to have 30 ft+ cable running through the house

mindedone3866d ago

But for most people the difference in quality would be nominal. It also helps if you get a 70 percent discount on them like I do.

Jeebs3866d ago

"Do I need monster HDMI cables?
No, HDMI monster cables are simply a monster rip-off. If a cable is HDMI certified, it will by definition offer you a perfect digital signal. Despite the fact that the electrical signals traversing an HDMI cable degrade as a cable gets longer, it will still offer perfect digital transmission so long as the signal loss or distortion is within a certain tolerance. But when it comes to digital technology, the signal is either all there or it isn’t. There is zero measurable difference in the digital signal quality between the $6 HDMI cable and the $60 monster HDMI cable".

For those of you who do, please stop boasting that you have Monster branded cables, because it only indicates that you weren't very wise with your money and you didn't do your research.

poopface13866d ago

my newish tv has 2 HDMI imputs and an awsome Digital ausio out to hook to my reciever. Moving xbox around would be way easier if I could just plug in 2 cables and get digital picture and digital sound. Only thing is bestbuy and other places sell HDMI cables for like 50-100 bucks. Is anyone really that stupid to by a cable for that much. I saw one that im going to buy on the internet for like 10$ which is probaly more than its worth but is a good deal considering how many stores are offering only really overpriced cables. Im thinking that there will be a picture difference between 1080I with component and 1080I HDMI, but im not sure. I really want it for the digital audio though.

PlayStation3603865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

It's not that they're stupid. Just that they don't know their options. Awhile back I would have been guilty of such a thing, yet I waited and checked online before hand. I'm glad I did of course.

However, I'm waiting to purchase the cables until I get my A/V Receiver w/HDMI inputs and Bravia XBR5 next week. ;) Damn, I can't wait.

poopface13865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

Im lucky my tv has the hdmi plus a digital output for my reciever, so I should really order that now. I love the difference between HDTV and SD, makes games alot better. At first I thought that HDMi cables were special or something for those prices. Till I looked on the internet and they are 10$ just like any other cables.