PALGN: FlatOut: Head On Review

PALGN writes: "Anyone who has had the pleasure (or displeasure) of running into any staff member of PALGN has probably heard us talking all about the FlatOut series. The first game, while flawed was still incredibly enjoyable, then the equally fun sequel was released, as well as an Xbox 360 upgrade. While the series is probably never going to be as commercially successful as the Burnout series, those who are looking for an alternative arcade racer have generally been well served by the FlatOut series. Finally, nearly four years since the series' debut, FlatOut has arrived on a handheld, on the PSP. So does the series make the seamless transition to handhelds or is this a game that should have stayed on consoles?

Despite the name change, Head On is essentially a remake of Ultimate Carnage, which was basically a remake of FlatOut 2 with a few tweaks. Head On splits the action up into two modes, Carnage and FlatOut. While the carnage mode focuses more on mini games and death match style races, the FlatOut mode focuses on tournament level races."

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