GameTap: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review - Harder, deeper, better

GameTap writes: "I'll be upfront about this--I love shooters. Top-down, side-scrolling, first-person, third-person, light-gun, you name it. For me, a new Rainbow Six is a great treat. But it's surprising that nearly one and a half years after the searing-hot Rainbow Six Vegas hit Xbox 360, introducing slick next-gen graphics and the best cover system in town, Ubisoft let up on the reigns. Just like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, which felt more like GRAW 1.5 instead of a full sequel, Vegas 2 has followed suit. If Vegas 1 was the first space ship to land on the moon, Vegas 2 was simply the second spaceship to land on the dusty rock--a big feat in itself, but not as spectacular a ride, and certainly, a very, very familiar one.

Vegas 2 is essentially Vegas 1 with all the stops pulled. It's a hardcore, tactical first-person shooter offering an improved single-player campaign, a re-worked cooperative component, and a 2-16 player multiplayer element, complete with new maps, modes, and capabilities."

Pros: Dash function quickens all aspects of the game; new modes and maps in multiplayer add different ways to have fun; the addition of a seamless experience point system smartly gels the game into a whole.

Cons: Four-player co-op is now a two-player co-op; not enough of a jump from Vegas 1; story is still the run-of-the-mill formula.

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MikeGdaGod4499d ago

i can't help but to think if this were a sony exclusive, it would get hammered.

in almost every review, they talk about how everything is pretty much the same and its basically "1.5" to Vegas 1. yet they still give it 9's.

i don't have a problem with this, as Vegas one was alot of fun and i will pick this one up in the future. but i remember when a few ps3 exclusives *R&C/UT3* were said to be "more of the same", they got thrashed in alot of reviews.

that just popped in my head as i read this,

thewhoopimen4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

Most of these reviewers Vegas2 bashing it for repetitiveness and then giving it a 9 are just dyed-in-the-wool hardcore fanbois. I played vegas 2 yesterday and the most I would give it would be a 7.5-8. Graphics are inferior to COD4 considering it came out after. The AI is stupid. They compensate scripted enemies with ungodly headshot abilities with a friggin machine gun. The aggressive AIs walk straight into your gunfire and they try to ante it up with random spawns. Sound is meh and not even on par with Army of Two.

Honestly I'm not much of a tactical shooter person, because I feel like I spend 99% of my time moving from cover to cover. It gets annoying for me simply because there is barely any open area gunplay to break up this repetitious game mechanic. You may argue realism in this, but I say its just bland game design. There are so many other ways to take out 2 guys in a room than "snaking a cam", choosing either breach, grenade, or charge in. If a person can shoot through certain walls in this game, why can't your AI teammates and the player just switch to heat sensor goggles and take them out with sniper rifles? Or how about the unrealistic ability of a reload indicator / reloading a full clip of ammo after only using 3 bullets and still being able to keep the remainder in the bullet pool.

Anyway, my take on this game is that while solid it is the same rehash as the first with little thought to really making a true sequel and still charging full pop. It's pure money-making greed at its worst. For the game itself I'd give it a 7.5 for greed and rehash (otherwise an 8 since it still is a solid game)

picker3324498d ago (Edited 4498d ago )

Yea well that's not only Rbsv ya know.

Every fps game in the whole planet has this problem or whatever you wanna call it,so why are you getting so angry about just this game???

thewhoopimen4498d ago

I'm not in any way angry. Guess it's just the tone I set, trying to mash out a quick review. That and seeing a 9 given from Gameinformer and some other sites :)