Should Microsoft Get Rid of Windows Vista Service Pack 1?

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Charlie26883866d ago

What MS should do more for Vista is release more of those "Compatibility, reliability and performance" updates that seem to be doing wonders since the launch of the OS to the point that now compared to launch the OS actually works

I think SP1 should have been a huge version/doze of those patches, hopefully MS can release a new version of the SP1 with all the pros and not the cons


umm yeah vista is garbage and so is sp1.

after i installed sp1 my system completely bogged down....i was like, watdafuc?

so i go into my task manager and what do i see?system and system idle "processes" at 45% of cpu total load AT IDLE!!! no matter what i did my system was using all cores at 50 %. Meaning, i fucced up my system by installing sp1.

needless to say i uninstalled that ms piece of crap. now My "idle" is back to 5% cpu load. "sigh"

ms have dug a hole for themselves. Im seriously feeling sorry for them.

PikkonX3866d ago

I have a dual core system and my cpu usage remains at 0-3% when idle. I have never had any problems with Vista and Oblivion seems to run even better after installing SP1.


im happy for u.

but i know several people with the same issue,Meaning this problem is widespread and NOT just affecting a small number of people.

good luck

Breakfast3866d ago

Youtube is a great video game source...?

Nvm this isnt even video games. Why is it on n4g??

I like the adds and the random guy in it.

This should seriously not be approved.

Gamertoken20073866d ago

It has news about windows and vista service pack 1. And tells you a little about it, and shows you what to do if you are having problems.

Breakfast3866d ago got approved...

Nothing to do with gaming...already have lots of stories of sp1 on n4g. Its on friggn youtube, YOUTUBE!!

And sorry for making you comment lol...i see you havent done it in a

TrevorPhillips3866d ago

of course they should because people mostly use xp instead of vista

Ri0tSquad3866d ago

This really says a lot about Windows Vista

joydestroy3866d ago

screw vista.
sticking with XP until i hear vista is as good as it or better.
M$ came out with crappy vista and then let out a service pack that's also crappy. that was their chance to fix it. how many service packs are they gonna release? 8?

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The story is too old to be commented.