Japanese Hardware and Software Chart for Week Ending March 15th, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimated numbers for Japanese hardware and software chart for week ending March 15th, 2008 was as follows:

(Please note these numbers are only an estimate, and may and likely vary.)

Total Hardware: [Last Week #]

PSP: 63,494 (+4%) [61,161]
Wii: 52,493 (-3%) [54,304]
DSL: 49,832 (+3%) [48,234]
PS3: 18,236 (-15%)[21,424]
PS2: 10,065 (+3%) [9,807]
360: 2,568 (-7%) [2,776]

Top 10 Software:

1 DS Beautiful Letter Training (DS) 63,869 63,869 [NEW]
2 Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! (PS3) 41,054 216,818
3 Dairantou Smash Brothers X (Wii) 39,058 1,539,560
4 Wii Fit (Wii) 34,779 1,707,593
5 Dynasty Warriors Gundam Special (PS2) 25,266 198,196
6 Hayate no Gotoku!: Ojo--sama Produce Daisakusen Bokuiro ni Somare! (DS) 22,313 22,313 [NEW]
7 Daito Giken Official Slot Simulator: Shin Yoshimune (PS2) 20,341 20,341 [NEW]
8 Shugo Chara!Three Eggs and the Joker in Love!(DS) 16,983 16,983 [NEW]
9 Wii Sports (Wii) 14,631 2,905,350
10 12Riven: The Psi-Climinal of Integral (PS2) 13,739 13,739 [NEW]

Other New Releases:

26 Duel Love: Koisuru Otome wa Shouri no Joshin (DS) 6,015 6,015 [NEW]
27 Winning Post 7 Maximum 2008 (PS2) 5,861 5,861 [NEW]
32 Winning Post 7 Maximum 2008 (PS3) 5,408 5,408 [NEW]

Software Totals: (Last week #)

DSL: 318,091 (240,866)
Wii: 165,768 (224,029)
PS2: 113,635 (105,594)
PS3: 76,086 (211,183)
PSP: 46,011 (53,769)
360: 12,691 (15,096)

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Lord Anubis3867d ago

PSP is going strong but its not selling much software. Which kind of makes one wonders.

Cyrus3653867d ago

Yeah for some strange reason it's never move crazy amount of software like DS does. But it's like the story previous said, half the people use PSP as music player. And i'm sure other use it for soemthign else, like a media player, etc.

FirstknighT3867d ago

It's pretty easy to play pirated games on the PSP. That's why software doesn't sell.

DrWan3866d ago

you can easily private games for the DSL as well. how do you explain that.

Whoooop3867d ago

I pretty much use it as a media device, hear music and internet... I've never bought a game for it.

The only games I play are SNES ones with the emulator and I don't play that much anymore.

To tell you the truth the only game I play on it is Bust a Move which I love, but I got tired of it.


Bathyj3867d ago

Wheres Yakuza?

Is that it at #2 under some seird Japanese name. I thought Yakuza was Japanese.

Why the hell arent they buying more PS3's?

Cyrus3653867d ago

Yakuza is the American name, and yeah that's it's at #2.

doodle3867d ago

posted by that same guy who works for VGCRAP ---CYRUS

VG overestimated x360 sales by 200k for JAN+FEB and downgraded PS3 sales by 130k

whats even more shocking is the fact that VG didnt even fix those figures . rather they claim NPD was wrong???????????????????????

VG overestimated x360 sales for 2007 by over a MILLION

This guy CYRUS posts all these VGCRAP related news.

Please mark the story as SPAM

Gam713866d ago

Wah wah Waah doodlebrains

Just like bigots dissmis anything that contradicts them so do you with vg.

It contradicts you on hardware sales, sold, software sales.
When was the last vg had a ps3 in the top ten worldwide without a 360. Now when was the last time it had 360 in top 10 withour ps3

answer 29th for 360
hold on, for ps3 I'm still looking.

Doodlebrain has overestimated ps3 sales by 2 million and underestimated 360 by 2milion.

Please mark Doodlebrain as spam.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33866d ago

(I don't need to say anything!!!) ;-D

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