GameStop predicts continuing PSP 'supply issues'

Video game retailer GameStop recently held a conference call to discuss its corporate earnings. They discussed the shortages of Wii and Xbox 360. While the 360 hardware situation will be alleviated shortly, the retailer predicts it will take six months for Wii supply to effectively meet demand. Interestingly, GameDaily notes that "the one platform GameStop is anticipating some supply issues with is the PSP."

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eagle214495d ago

Why are you still short on supply? Sony is for sure on the ball for PSP. This will be a QUICK fix soon. Shortages are unprofessional and are tacky in my opinion.

UrbanJabroni4494d ago

No one on this site is going to believe it, but when a RETAILER admits to supply problems for the 360, that tends to be 100% validation.

Of course, I'm going to lose all my bubbles for saying this here...