Primotech: God of War Chains of Olympus Review

"In the end, while Chains of Olympus will offer nothing new to lure in players unmoved by the PS2 original or its sequel, this portable adventure will offer fans the same thrills and mature presentation that helped the PS2 editions reach God-like reverence."

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CrazedFiend3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Hello, this is not PS2 or PS3 we're talking about here. This is a PSP game. It's NOT going to be on par with the previous God of War games. Why does length and spell count matter???

Even with the length of the game the way it is, the story is still epic, and felt a lot longer to (more involving) to me than the actual game time would suggest. And the graphics? Well s#!t, this is the first time I actually had trouble reminding myself that I was playing a portable!

I think they did DAMN good for putting this game on a 2Gb disk!

I was VERY happy with it!

Skyler3953d ago

Uh, did you even read the review?