Amazing God of War artwork

Five beautiful artwork images of Kratos, from the God of War series.

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kingofps33861d ago

PS3 Addict always got cool hi-res artworks. Hopefully, they will put up some Mirror's Edge soon.

Cwalat3861d ago

these artworks look amazing, is this the work of Andy Park ?

bigman73873861d ago

God i want this on the ps3. GoW III ftw

bigman73873861d ago

wow i got a disagree for that.

um.... I'm sorry for offending you by liking GoW?

Torch3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Man, that was by far, the grandest time I've had yet with my PSP.

I'm pretty sure Chains is the basis for all this wicked artwork (the one with Kratos staring towards the sun/sky is actually the PSP game's cover.)

For those of you who've finished the game, be sure to sit through the 'Lost Levels' bonus footage. It appears that Ready At Dawn had some really amazing ideas for the game that, for some reason, never made it into the game (I'm guessing it's a result of UMD size constraints.)

Regardless, I'm hoping that some of those exclusions don't actually get "lost", and end up in PS3's iteration in glorious HD...and hopefully soon.

Man, that amazing franchise is like crack; the withdrawal is just bitterly painful.

Jinxstar3861d ago

Nice now I have a new sweet background

Torch3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Speaking of which:

I'm quite sure that I've seen a number of these pics as part of the dynamic background from the PS3 GoW theme pack, which I downloaded from the PSN Store last week.

You may want to look into that.

Good idea for my PC background though...Goodbye good ol' Nathan Drake; Hello psychotic Kratos Gaze!

Jinxstar3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Did you get it on PSU?

Also Chains of Olympus rocked. Bub's

Torch3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Nope...directly from Sony's official PSN store itself, via my PS3.

Funny, I tried to find a link for you from the PC version of the store, but for some strange reason, it appears that Sony hasn't posted it.

But having seen this before (specifically, PSP's Socom was available for purchase via the PS3, while the WWW side had it notably missing), I decided to quickly check out the store via my PS3 (gotta LOVE PSP's Remote Play!), and I can indeed confirm that yes, as of five minutes ago, it is still there just waiting to be downloaded.

Just keep hitting the Right Arrow, until you get to THEMES. It should be the first one in the category.


(BTW: PSU MAY have it; although I'm honestly not sure.)

MK_Red3861d ago

Awesomeness. Superb pics and find.

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