IGN: New Gran Turismo 5 Prologue videos

Spanking new videos of -poetry in motion- Gran Turismo 5 brought to you by IGN.

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Surfman3866d ago

i cannot wait anymore... i think ill download it with a Euro-account on the PlayStation Store.

resistance1003866d ago

I never though i would hear the day, when someone outside of europe would create a euro account lol

Surfman3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Yeah lol but the good thing is that Europe is gonna have Prologue very soon, not even a week

resistance1003866d ago

This game just keeps on looking better and better

level 3603866d ago

Can't wait to use my new G25 wheel on this game 6 days from now...

Noticed the instrument cluster on your Mazda 3 ( did it lit up? ) when going into tunnels.

gEnKiE3866d ago

Wow... even hearing the "bing" sound to start the race brings back memories. Can't wait.

MaximusPrime3866d ago

i already ordered 2 GT5: P (accidently)

Looking forward to play this awesome game.

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