PSU Exclusive: New Wardevil details and screenshot

As an early Easter present the Digi-Guys sent us the first Wardevil poster of a series that will be released periodically throughout 2008.

According to the developers over at Digi-Guys, the Wardevil: Unleash the Beast Within posters will start to develop some of the style and mood that'll be a part of the game. For those of you who don't know already, Wardevil is a PS3 exclusive and is set to hit sometime near the end of 2008 or possibly early 2009.

The game will feature an all new game engine called, RTE1080, which allows for 60fps animations and 1080p resolutions. As you may have seen in our last screenshot update, the game also features high resolution textures.

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NoUseMerc3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

WarDevil is going to kick sooo much ass on so many different levels!!!

Anyways, hope you guys all like the news and the new poster.

sonarus3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

have you seen any gameplay. give us an idea of the gameplay.

Violater3865d ago

any idea if that is ingame

tony3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

tell us about the gameplay.
anyways, looks downgraded.

sonarus3865d ago

everything they are showing is apparently supposed to be in game.
@tony what do you mean by downgraded??? Looks way better than it did before

Violater3865d ago

What tony actually means is "Exclusive to the PS3"

Ri0tSquad3865d ago

Those 4 videos are from 2006 and under......You do know were in 2008...right?

Douche3864d ago

Why do you have to remind of how horrible the main character looks now? I'm so pissed now that they've changed his appearance. He used to look ba-dass. Now he just looks ba-duh. Get rid of the "half the size as his former head" helmet and the frickin walking stick and just give him his two pistols. My god, why?!

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sonarus3865d ago

ps3 looks to be loaded with exclusive content. I am kinda skeptical to be honest but the game does look fantastic

cellypower3865d ago

"Their goal is to get the Blu-ray film & game to look as identical as there is no transition between game/cinematic " That would be so cool!

ICUP3865d ago

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune game ring a bell?

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