MGS4 Promotional DVD's being sent out already

Konami have started to send out MGS4 Promo Discs to those who have pre-ordered Metal Gear Solid 4 already.

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AlterEgo3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

because if it was...I would've gotten a codec call long before now.

excuse me while I call gamestop in my angry tone.

sonarus3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

wonder when it hits US. I was under the impression that the Japanese didn't have to pre order to get in

AlterEgo3867d ago

hopefully/probably the beginning of April

Lord Anubis3867d ago

i hope i get a dvd. I pre-ordered not so long ago.

halo3betasnatch out3867d ago

~In Reply to 1 and 2~

read the article guys, people in JAPAN are getting these, not america, not the UK, not China, JAPAN, thats why you don't have it. And I apologize if you live in japan

AlterEgo3867d ago

oops. i'll be reading the article now.


Spinner3867d ago

I'm holding off on preording until April 1st - gonna walk in there be all like "aight listen up snake-boy-g, i'mma launch a mothaf*ckin preorder to blap blap that beta maggina, yea motheafu*ka"

and they'll be all like "lol ok"

then they'll try to steal my pre-order package because they're EBgames jerkoffs so I'll have to get psychomantis on their asses.

Rice3867d ago

i swear that's from metal gear awesome..i think?

poopsack3867d ago

Metal Gear Awesome 2. And one of my favorite parts. God! How does everybody have my phone number?

crimsonfox3867d ago

i read this called gamestop in burbank and got it

Sev3867d ago

Seriously? The beta code too?

JimmyHACK3866d ago

I see gamestop relisted the game on their site for a version with the bonus.

If you did get it already from them you wouldn't have gotten the "Promo DVD" from the article image you should have the Metal Gear Saga Volume 2 DVD... so is that what you received??

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The story is too old to be commented.