Pentagon: 'Augment' Reality with 'Videogame' Contact Lenses

"Today, a handful of soldiers with advanced gear can see a few digital maps, through helmet-mounted monocles. Some pilots can get data about their world, on heads-up displays. But one day, troops could see an info-"augmented" reality all around them, with contact lenses that provide "first-person shooter-type video game" environments to those that wear them. At least, that's the idea behind the latest project from DARPA, the Pentagon's blue sky science and technology division.

The materials behind real-life invisibility cloaks could even factor in, sorta. DARPA is talking about spending $3 million next year on "transparent displays" -- and you'd certainly want your Halo 3-esque contacts to be transparent. The key to those displays would be "metamaterials," the strange substances that can bend certain frequencies of light around them. "

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Hooby4495d ago

Make all new weapons coming out of the factory have a little chip that automatically aligns a reticle that is fine tuned to the exact trajectory of the weapon with the reticle on the contact lens. That'd be awesome.

wAtdaFck4494d ago

Wanna have a staring contest? :D

[email protected]4494d ago

Look like my gaming days are getting close to get an end... It's quite kool but none less way too crazy and spooky *mind controlling anyone* o_O j/k

pacman6154494d ago

first... they will test it out on the military...then once is green lighted...they will force on the public...just one more step towards the NWO..