Vista SP1 Brings More Bad News

During the last few weeks leading up to the release of Windows Vista SP1, said to be the hurdle many SMBs and enterprises wanted Microsoft to pass before they would consider rolling out the OS, calls have been made for Microsoft to absorb what it's been told by users of Vista and bag it. Just bag the whole thing.

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decapitator4838d ago

To be honest, I dont think is very late for Microsoft to reconsider this whole Vista thing.

InYourMom4838d ago

with no problems. There are so many possible configurations out there that it is bound to have problems somewhere. I remember this same crap when XP launched.

Reggie Fils-Aime4838d ago

Vista is a certified failure,and the latest offering from Microsoft,Vista SP1,is failing to please those left with a bad taste after 'upgrading' from XP to Vista.

I'm just stating the general opinion darling,no need to cry about my comment in a reply.

Charlie26884838d ago

"Face the reality XP is a certified failure, and the latest offering from Microsoft, XP SP1, is failing to please those left with a bad taste after 'upgrading' from 98/2000 to XP.

I'm just stating the general opinion darling, no need to cry about my comment in a reply."

-something you could have easily read in the internet around september of 2002

Percy4838d ago

Face it you got ripped off i did too. take you hardware half its specs put xp on it and it will perform just as well. until vista is as fast or faster than xp i will not bother to put it back on. I wanted directx 10 so bad but what you lose to get the added features is not worth it.

v1c1ous4838d ago

Vista's image is tainted.

SP1 might have been a good update, but any little hiccup joe_random has will get reported up the wazoo and it will be held as the definitive evidence that SP1 sucked, when it's an isolated case.

again, give it a cpl more days till we get some hard evidence something is wrong with SP1.

because right now, every sob story will get put on a pedestal.

Goodfella784838d ago

is the need for so many people, to upgrade their pc because of it,its very resource heavy,have tried vista myself but a while ago,well before sp1,but i went back to xp,i found the compatibility issues too unacceptable at the time.

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