Frustrated Users Rage Against Vista SP1

RTFM, or "Read the Fine Manual', is a term that's often wielded by exasperated IT staff whenever users don't read product manuals or follow basic instructions.

Microsoft (NSDQ:MSFT) officials may also be using the term this week in response to angry Windows users who've been venting their frustrations at being unable to download Vista service pack 1.

In a Thursday post to the Vista team blog, a poster using the handle 'COG93rd' seemed to be particularly upset by the experience.

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mighty_douche4878d ago

Vista's never gonna get cut any slack. SP2 better make Vista 100% perfect, the OS of the Gods! Other wise, Bill might get a few molotov c0cktails through the window!

xsteinbachx4878d ago

i thought it meant " Read the F*cking Manual " at least thats what my IT friend says it is.

ianp6224878d ago

Well yeah, but they aren't going to say that.

InYourMom4878d ago

when they force you to sit thru an ad to get to the story.

Vista runs fine if you know WTF you are doing.

mintaro4878d ago

just downloaded SP1, seems the same to me
then again ive never been that computer literate

Jrome4878d ago

Sigh...newbs and their computers. This is what happens when you buy apple products all the time. You gain no knowledge in the electronics you use and therefore have no idea how to buy a good cpu o.O. (If that made any sense) The point is..people need to stop complaining about their 512 MB RAM, Intel dual core running vista ultimate and get a better computer.

Silvia0074878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

Here are my specs. Even with SP1, Vista still sucks balls. When vista is left alone for a bit, it takes 2 F**K'n minutes to open a 1 kb .txt file. Same goes for everything else I try to open. Seriously WTF are they doing over at microsoft.

Q6600 @ 3.8Ghz
2 Gig Ram @ 850mhz 4-4-4-10-1t
Striker Extreme Motherboard
4x 36gig 10k RPM raptor drives in raid-0

If this can't run Vista properly, I'd say don't release it till Penryn comes out.

Percy4878d ago

Why would they need to do that when xp is fine and vista adds little to nothing except a major performance decrease. Plus most of the people you are talking about bought a computer that came with that hardware and says vista capable on the front. microsoft told them it would work and it sucks they did not get what they paid for. The average person that buys a computer does not know how it works or whats in it. Do you know how to assemble a tv can you prepare a five star meal do you play professional sports if you do thats great but most people buy it and want it to work like they were told it would.

Moentjers4878d ago

They shouldn't have pushed it through the people's throats until it was properly finished. It is almost impossible for the 'newbie' out there to find a decent system without VISTA.

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The story is too old to be commented.