Japan Retailers Report Xbox 360 Spike

Xbox 360 is suddenly lighting up retail tills in Japan. Pre-orders began for the company's Blue Dragon bundle yesterday with many retailers reporting a sell-out

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TheMART5888d ago

THere you go. Content is coming, with Blue Dragon and Lost Oddyssey in place, Japanese are feeling @ home on the machine I guess! DOAX2 add it with it soon and they're done.

PS3 only having 100k machines @ launch in Japan? Damn... Japanese will be buying first Wii massively and the 360 now kicking sales in higher gears. Are they in for a surprise this time?

Lex Luthor5888d ago

That's true, lots and lots of japan orientated games are comming out for the system(X360), which can only help the 360.

FeralPhoenix5888d ago

Thats definitely the first bit of good news for M$ from I said and I'll keep saying it, the 360 does not need to "win" in Japan, because to be can't, its still the outsider, but if it can have a respectable market share then it will be very good for M$ in the long run.....the only way for M$ to continue to grow in Japan is by continuing to get more famous Japanese dev's like they have now, or at the very least get those guys they have now started on some great titles for next year.