Metal Gear Solid Mobile Q&A by IGN

With the Metal Gear Solid 4 machine in full swing, many gamers may miss out an added chapter to the Solid Snake mythos as he's been deployed for a whole new mission on the mobile phone. Due to the smaller scale of the new platform, IGN had a few questions about old Snake's new adventure, and they had the chance to sit down with Chad McNeill, marketing manager at Konami Mobile to help clear things up.

IGN: How involved was Hideo Kojima in the creation of Metal Gear Solid Mobile?

Chad McNeill: He was incredibly involved. He was involved in everything from the production cycle, to the approval process to even U.S. marketing. Certainly one of his strong points is being able to understand his own world and create a title in his own world. I'm sure fans know that he's not about to put something out that he's not happy with. I think that's certainly one of the strong points in this franchise and it carries through to this game as well.

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