New Grand Theft Auto IV screenshots

Rockstar Games published a batch of new GTA IV screenshots. Enjoy.

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jadenkorri3865d ago

ya can't wait for GTA IV...

and wtf u got 2 disagrees for Nice...
bubble for u man


i think i just came. imma rape this game come day one

d3l33t3866d ago

looks better everytime i see it

rmatott3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

is awesome, hello new wallpaper!!!

BulletBtweenUrEyes3866d ago

yeah that screenshot was the best I also liked th detail in some of the other ones as well, like the one where it looks like their at a precinct(not sure its spelled right)and some guy is getting locked up and appears he is a victim of police brutality

iAmPS33866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

You know why some of the textures look like sh!t?

It's called DVD9.

Shadow Man3866d ago

It's call you Sucking too hard on Sony lollipop and swallowing it. LOL

GETPWNT3866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

Actually, it's called BSturd ram limitations. F*CKING OWNED. ;)

You know, because other 360 EXCLUSIVES look ten times better than this game or any other PS3rd game. Yeah, DVD9 has to be the cause of this GTA4 fiasco. Oh wait, no.

digger183866d ago


Does Sh*t always come out of your mouth?

Ram Limitations? I would rather have a system with dedicate Graphics memory and super fast main memory (PS3), than just slow shared memory like the 360 has. Ever been on a laptop/Desktop PC that only has shared memory? Its real slow.

Oh and yes DVD9 has cause many problems with games Devs and as time goes on it will only get worse.
I can see games in less than a year only having the full experience on the PS3 with Blu-Ray, while the 360 will have multi disks or DLC for the rest of the game.

So I guess your OWNED little child.

Oh and i don't think your mommy would like you using such bad language. She might send you to bed without supper and ban you from using her PC (which would be nice)

iAmPS33866d ago

You are not capable of articulating one decent valuable argument.
It amazes me that you still have bubbles left, cause your contribution to this community goes beyond inexistent.

At least have the decency to use proper and respectable language and be a little more creative on defending your preferred system.

Regarding the system memory, PS3 has the same amount of memory of the 3fixme but it's dedicated memory and not shared, which implicates all components working on max efficiency.

I feel like I've wasted my time trying to explain something to you...

GETPWNT3866d ago

"I feel like I've wasted my time trying to explain something to you..."

-Awwwwww, really? Let me help YOU.

1) PS3rd has a slower fill-rate than 360. Fill-rate = normal map shader rendering.

2) PS3rd has less available TOTAL video ram than 360.

3) PS3rd's sh1t OS (which can't even do ingame XMB LMFAO) uses much more ram than 360's (about three times as much), thus it has even less TOTAL available ram than 360, both in video and cpu.

4) n00b.

So..... how does PS3 having less video ram not affect the visuals of GTA4? Please explain.

So plz stfu. You're a dumbass droid, and you can GETPWNT. you're also a n00b. lol, lucky for you, you're droid army is dumb enough to believe you! Congrats!

iAmPS33866d ago (Edited 3866d ago )

You low level comments are really unimpressive.

But here is a bit of technology PWNAGE for you, cry XBOT, cry.

The biggest ugly (and this really is a big one) in the Xbox360 diagram should be the location of the CPU relative to the main system memory. It has to be accessed through the GPU’s memory controller and shares the same 128 bit bus to GDDR3. The Xbox360 GPU’s 22.4GB/s bandwidth to the system’s unified memory, but this bandwidth is split between the GPU’s needs and the CPU’s. This means that if the Xenon(Xbox360 CPU) was using its full 21.6GB/s bandwidth to system memory, there would be 800MB/s left for the GPU. If the GPU was using its full bandwidth to this memory, none would be left for the Xenon. Additionally, the south bridge(I/O devices) are connected through the GPU also, and all of these devices are actually destined to go to the CPU unless sound for the Xbox360 is done on the Xenos. The impact of this is considerably less since I/O devices probably won’t exceed more than a few hundred MB/s during a game, and isn’t shared by GPUs 22.4GB/s access to main memory. This bandwidth is still going through the same bus that the CPU uses to access RAM and depletes off of the 21.6GB/s communication with RAM and the Xenos.

Looking at the diagram of the Playstation 3, you can see that the RSX has a dedicated 22.4 GB/s to its video memory, and the Cell has a dedicated 25.6GB/s to its main memory. Additionally, if you wanted to find the bandwidth the RSX could use from the Cell’s main memory, it go through the 35GB/s link between the Cell and itself, and then go through the Cell processor’s FlexIO controller, on the EIB, to the Cells memory controller which is the gatekeeper to RAM. The slowest link in the line is the bandwidth the XDR memory controller which is 25.6GB/s. If the RSX uses this bandwidth it is being shared with the Cell. In general, the major components in the Playstation 3 have their own memory to work with which provides maximum bandwidth to the respective pools of memory that each component will be using.

In terms of peak performance, if both the GPU and CPU for both consoles were pushing the maximum bandwidths from their respective memory banks simultaneously and full time, the total for Xbox360 would be 22.4GB/s, and the total for the Playstation 3 would be 48GB/s. Considering the situation where half of the time the CPU uses bandwidth, and another half the GPU uses the bandwidth, the Xbox360 has a straight 22.4GB/s for each the CPU and GPU. The Playstation 3, in this situation, has 25.6GB/s for the CPU, and 22.4GB/s from GDDR3 + 25.6GB/s from XDR simultaneously (since it’s not being shared). I’m not fully qualified to answer which of the two situations is a more accurate representation of bandwidth usage in games, but either way comes out with Playstation 3 on top with general bandwidth.

And you better make your LAST comment really good =D

Harry1903866d ago

that was powerful man.kudos

PopEmUp3866d ago


GETPWNT3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

stupid n00b. everyone knows 360 pwnz ps3 in shader rendering. just look at Gears and you can GETPWNT! LMAO, and u thought u pwned me. LOL. I've got tech articles which prove my points, too. GET PWNT

P.S. and nice job not posting a link. guess u didn't want me to see it was from the SDF?

mesh13865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

haha tell that too crysis best looking game of this gen. and to hundreds of ps3 esclusive that i have played that look like washedd out to the maxx wait wait wait i said hundreds of ps3 titles opps mistake i meant 3 that are out atm .

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